Enterprise City Schools grounds maintenance foreman Henry McCoy was honored at a retirement ceremony at the ECS Service Center on Dec. 18.

McCoy retired after 30 years working for the system first starting in January of 1989 as a custodian at Holly Hill Elementary School. McCoy was moved to custodian at the ECS Service Center in 1999 where he was eventually promoted to the maintenance department in 2006 and then grounds maintenance foreman in 2016.

“When Henry gets on a lawnmower, you can see the grass stand at attention,” Superintendent Greg Faught said. “Henry is like a drill sergeant weeding out bad apples in his platoon as he mows the grass, and he’s ready to give any blade that needs an attitude adjustment a mow down.”

Faught then went on to voice his appreciation for McCoy and all he’s done for the system.

“I want you to know how much we appreciate you, I want you to know how much you’ve made this school system better and we’re better for having had the opportunity to work with you,” Faught said. “Thank you so much. Enjoy your retirement.”

After Faught’s comments, Maintenance Supervisor Matt Routley took the podium to speak about McCoy.

“Henry started with us in January of 1989 as a custodian at Holly Hill Elementary School and Henry kind of set the standard for what it meant to have a clean school and what a good custodian looks like,” Routley said.

He said that McCoy has had a positive impact on the system.

“Mr. Faught says this at a lot meetings, ‘This school system is either a little better or a little worse because of what we do,’” Routley said. “There’s no doubt that this school system for 31 years has been better because you’ve been a part of it. Not only that, I believe that I’ve been better because you’ve been working with me.”

Routley ended by congratulating McCoy on his retirement.

“I’m proud to see you step into this next chapter of your life and wish you luck,” Routley said. “And thank you for everything you’ve done.”

After the speeches, McCoy was presented a plaque made by students at the Enterprise Career and Technology Center.

Refreshments were served after the ceremony including a cake commemorating McCoy’s retirement.

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