Sam Boswell Honda donates to WWVC

Sam Boswell Honda Owner O’Neal Boswell, left, presents Wiregrass Wounded Veterans Council Treasurer Chuck Seitz with a donation check.

Sam Boswell Honda presented a check to the Wiregrass Wounded Veterans Committee on Jan. 11.

The $4,456 donation put the WWVC over their fundraising goal for the floating dock at the Wounded Warrior Retreat by the Lake at Lake Tholocco on Fort Rucker.

Sam Boswell Honda Owner O’Neal Boswell said he was happy to be able to help fund the dock as way to give back to the veterans.

“I’m just honored to be able to say, ‘Thank you’ in a meaningful way and tangible way to the people who have served this country,” Boswell said.

WWVC Treasurer Chuck Seitz said the WWVC wanted to build the floating dock so that veterans using the cabin would not have to drive to the other side of the lake to use the handicap accessible boat at Lake Tholocco. He said that once the dock is built, the boat will be kept at the floating dock.

He said the floating dock will also provide a place for the veterans enjoying the retreat to fish.

“It gives actual usage for that boat and the fishing pier that’s going to be on the back of that dock so it’s very meaningful to turn that into a retreat and not just a cabin,” Seitz said.

The Wounded Warrior Retreat by the Lake started with a three bedroom, two bathroom ADA accessible cabin that the WWVC donated to Fort Rucker. It held its first visitors in September of 2018.

The cabin and the floating dock were both funded by the community through donations.

 “The best feeling of all is that in addition to being able to help the veterans is knowing that this entire community supports veterans and is helpful to veterans,” Seitz said.

Seitz said that the WWVC will continue to work on developing the property.

“We’re still working on the retreat,” Seitz said. “While we have the floating dock (funded) we want to make a pathway to the floating dock from the cabin so that they don’t have to get out on the roadway to get down there. We also want to put a gazebo there and a couple of benches along that path so they rest and light the path.”

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