CCBOE holds annual Appreciation Day

Coffee County Schools Superintendent Kevin Killingsworth addresses the attendees at Appreciation Day.

The Coffee County Board of Education held its annual Appreciation Day on Feb. 24.

The event originally started out as a day of appreciation for the bus drivers of the system about four or five years ago, according to Superintendent Kevin Killingsworth.

Last year, however, the system opened up the day to include any one business or organization that the system or its schools partner with.

“It takes everybody we have partnerships with to help our school system to run as smoothly as possible,” Killingsworth said. “We are a growing school system, we’re about 400 plus students from where we were when I first became superintendent and growing every single day. We have students enrolling, especially in our New Brockton schools, each and every week.”

Killingsworth then recognized the staff in the central office.

“They are the reason we’re sitting in this room decorated the way it is,” Killingsworth. “All of the staff helped in preparation for today in some form or fashion and I want to say I appreciate them and their efforts not just today, but each and every day. It is a daunting task to run a school system, which many of you know that.” 

He thanked the school board for its support and noted the five capital projects the system is currently undertaking.

He ended his speech thanking everyone in the room once again.

“Again, thank each and every one of you because you do play a vital part in what we do for our students each and every single day,” Killingsworth said. “We call on a lot of you, a lot of times and some of you in the middle of the night. I know sometimes very early we have emergencies arrive and I do appreciate each and every one of you. This is a small token of appreciation for what you do for us.”

After his speech, those in attendance enjoyed a catered meal of pork chops, chicken, baked beans, coleslaw, rice and various desserts.

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