CCC approves forestry commission truck purchase

Alabama Forestry Commission Officer Greg Piland addresses the Coffee County Commission.

The Coffee County Commission approved paying up to $20,000 towards the purchase of a new pickup truck for the Alabama Forestry Commission at its regular meeting on Oct. 28.

AFC Officer Greg Piland addressed the commission regarding the truck.

“I want to thank you fellas for all you do for us,” Piland said. “Here a year ago y’all gave us a pickup (truck) that’s met some needs we’ve had over the last year or so. This morning I come before because you’ve seen our paperwork asking for half on an upgrade to a 2020 pickup (truck) that will allow us to do our job more efficiently.”

The motion was passed unanimously.

In other business, the commission approved a contract for a second K-9 officer for the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office.

“The sheriff has the opportunity to acquire a new canine for service,” County Administrator Rod Morgan said. “There’s no cost for the canine but there will be some cost for the care and upkeep of the dog.”

Morgan said that K-9 deputies are entitled to stipends because they care for the dog including lodging and feeding the dog.

Coffee County Sheriff Dave Sutton said the new dog’s name is Storm.

“We’re looking for good things out of him,” Sutton said. “He’s got an excellent reputation (from) where he came from and working with narcotics and we’re looking forward to putting him on the street. I just want to thank y’all very much.”

The commission also approved entering into a contract with the City of Elba for E911 dispatch services. The contract includes changes in the service’s funding to a per capita formula to bring “more equity” to the funding, according to Morgan.

A lease agreement with Connection Financial Services for new backup software was also approved.

“This will not only make us more efficient, it will also enhance our security,” Morgan said. “It will provide another layer of security to our backups.”

The commission approved entering into a contract with Avenu Insights & Analytics to collect the county’s sales and lodging taxes.

Morgan requested that Enterprise Paper and Janitorial be awarded the bids for food services, paper products and janitorial products. Morgan cited the organization’s one-to-two-day delivery time as a key factor in the decision. The request was approved.

Morgan also requested the fee to use the Farm Center be waived for the New Brockton Youth Association’s annual banquet, which was approved.

Environmental Services Director Mike Thornton requested the purchase of five 30-yard containers for the county’s roll off service off the Sourcewell joint bid at a total cost of $25,880.

The next Coffee County Commission meeting will be Nov. 11 at 9 a.m. at the government complex in New Brockton. The meeting is open to the public.

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