Residents vote to allow Sunday alcohol sales

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Residents of the City of Enterprise overwhelmingly voted to approve the sale of alcohol on Sundays when 15 percent of the registered voters in Enterprise went to the polls during the special election on Aug. 13.

The measure passed with 1,956 votes, 81 percent, to allow Sunday alcohol sales and 468 votes, 19 percent, against the measure.

At the Enterprise City Council meeting Aug. 20, the council approved the election results after 14 provisional “yes” votes were certified and included in the total.

The council introduced a resolution setting the Sunday alcohol sale hours beginning at 10 a.m. and ending at 2 a.m. Mondays. The resolution is expected to be voted on at the city council meeting Tuesday, Sept. 3. 

At a Jan. 15 city council meeting, the council unanimously approved a resolution, which authorized Enterprise Mayor William “Bill” Cooper and City Council President Perry Vickers to ask state representative Rhett Marques to introduce a bill to the state legislature allowing the city to vote on the measure.

At the work session preceding the meeting, the council agreed that the issue should be decided by the citizens.

Cooper said that the last municipal election cost the city some $20,000 but the money would be well spent in order to give the citizens a vote.

 “I just want to say (Sunday alcohol sales) has been an issue for several years and in a sense it’s holding back a lot of restaurants that could be coming to the area as well as conventions,” Cooper said at the work session. “Because this is one thing when you are trying to grow a city with motels and hotels—people want the option.”

Vickers and Councilman Eugene Goolsby agreed with the mayor.

“One of the major things we need to look at is we are interested in getting a big chain restaurant here,” Goolsby said at the Jan. 15 work session. “Most of them, whether you like it or not, don’t want to come to a town where you don’t have Sunday alcohol sales and every time you have a developer approach you, that’s one of the things they mention.”

The bill was introduced by Marques on April 4 and sent to the governor’s office on May 7, according to the Alabama Legislative Information System Online.

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Discussed at which later date? Next meeting,or 2025?[unsure]

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