The Coffee County 4-H took 41 students to the regional competition at Troy University on June 13-14.

Out of the 41 students, 32 received an honorable mention or higher during competition.

“It is such a privilege to see young people grow through their 4-H experience,” said Coffee County 4-H leader Annie Hendrix.  “Seeing our youth ‘Learn by Doing’ just never gets old. The awards and ribbons are great, but the experiences are just priceless.”

The results of regionals are as follows:

  • Alyssa White, Third place, Junior Graphic Design;
  • Annabelle Warner, First place, Senior Level II Have I Got A Story! ;
  • Aubrie Kaufman, First place, Intermediate $15 Challenge;
  • Bella Lashley,     First place, Junior $15 Challenge;
  • Blair Wyrosdick, Second place, Senior Level I $15 Challenge;
  • Brady Flowers, First place, Intermediate Speak Up Alabama;
  • Brodie Stinson, Second place, Junior eXtreme Birdhouse;
  • Caleb Watson     , First place, Junior Poultry Que;
  • Caroline Jordan, Honerable mention, Junior Speak Up Alabama ;
  • Caylee Jones, Third place, Junior $15 Challenge;
  • Dawson Smith, Second place, Junior Lawn Tractor;
  • Destiny Buchanan, First place, Senior Level I 4-H Bake Off;
  • Emma Doyle, First place, Senior Level I Freestyle Demo;
  • Ezra Carnley, Second place, Intermediate eXtreme Birdhouse;
  • Gabriel Barber, First place, Junior Bicycle Rodeo;
  • Hailey Wilson    , First place, Senior Level I Freestyle Showcase;
  • Jack Johnson, Third place, Junior Have I Got A Story!;
  • Jacub Jones, Third place, Junior What Wood U Build?;
  • Jasie Herbert, First place, Intermediate What Wood U Build?;
  • Jeremiah Davis, First place, Junior World I See;
  • John Foster Hamm, First place, Junior Poultry Que;
  • Kalie Davis, Second place, Junior Art of Container Gardening;
  • Leigh Anne Phillips, Second place, Junior World I Imagine;
  • Lilli Sumblin, Second place, Junior Freestyle Demo;
  • Lyla Kate Bruce, Third place, Junior 4-H Bake Off;
  • Miranda Hughes, Third place, Senior Level I $15 Challenge;
  • Natalie Askins, First place, Junior Interior Design;
  • Noah Moore, Second Place, Junior Lawn Tractor;
  • Paisely Dillard, Second Place, Junior Art of Container Gardening;
  • Sarah Nolin, First place, Junior Graphic Design;
  • William Wyrosdick, First place, Junior Freestyle Showcase;
  • Zander Giacobone, Second place, Intermediate Have I Got A Story!; and,
  • Zane Cotton, Second place Intermediate World I See.

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