Coffee County Sheriff gives update on jail

Coffee County Sheriff Dave Sutton

The Coffee County Sheriff’s Department and the Coffee County judges are working to keep the threat of exposure and spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus to a minimum.

Coffee County Sheriff Dave Sutton told those attending the Coffee County Commission meeting Monday, March 23 that the inmate population at Coffee County Jail is down to about 77 inmates after the judicial community has re-evaluated individual inmate situations. “To clarify, the sheriff’s department did not release the inmates, this was done through the judges,” Sutton said. “And if there was a situation where they could be taken out of the county jail, they have been removed.”

Sutton said some of the released inmates have been placed on ankle or cell phone monitors. Others have bonded out and been released.

“We will continue to do this,” Sutton said as he further outlined the operational procedures inside the jail that include wiping jail cells and bars down with sanitizers. “Just about anything that comes in contact with a human, we’re wiping it down—we’re being very well disinfected.”

Until further notice both the sheriff’s department and the jail are closed to the public, Sutton said. Lawyers are granted access to inmates one at a time. Phone visitation of inmates is still available, he added.

Sutton said both jail nurses are on duty. “We are taking care of those that are inside that jail,” he said.

“We’ve always maintained a good quality jail and we are taking advanced measures right now to make sure that we’re spraying with disinfectants,” Sutton said. “This is how we are going to continue to do business.”

The Sheriff’s Department and jail have implemented plans to ensure that law enforcement is not disrupted.

For more information regarding the sheriff’s office and jail, please visit the sheriff’s website either through the county website or directly as or call the sheriff’s office at (334) 894-5535.

Sutton offered a piece of advice. “If you are in one of our facilities, if you come in contact with one of our officers, do exactly what they tell you to do,” he stressed. “They are only acting on orders of the county commission to maintain the space distance.

“And if you have to come to a county facility, please leave your children at home or with someone else,” Sutton said. “If you need us, we’re still out there on patrol. Just call us.

“With your cooperation we’ll get through this,” Sutton said. “If the good Lord’s willing and the Creek don’t rise we’re going to make it, folks.”

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