Missing child call leads to mother’s arrest

Cassandra Diane Smith

The Coffee County Sheriff’s Office arrested a mother for first-degree possession of marijuana on Sept. 5 after a call about a missing child, according to a press release from the CCSO.

The CCSO received a call at approximately 9:58 a.m. on Sept. 5 on Coffee County Road 205 regarding a missing three-year-old child, according to the release.

Responding deputy’s interviewed the mother who said that she had not seen the child since 7 a.m. that morning when she put another child on the school bus and the missing child was asleep, according to the release.

The mother said she went back to bed and when she awoke, the front door of the home was open and the child was gone, according to the release.

The CCSO called in K-9 units to for assistance tracking the child and air support with a heat sensing radar to help find the child, according to the release.

The child came running from the woods about 300 yards north of the house chasing a small dog approximately an hour after the call was received, according to the release.

The child was unharmed but was hot, hungry and thirsty, according to the release.

During the search for the child, officers searched around the home and in the house to ensure the child was not hiding when officers discovered a container of marijuana, according to the release.

Once the container was found, officers arrested the mother, Cassandra Diane Smith, 33, and charged her with first degree possession of marijuana, according to the release.

The Department of Human Resources was called and the child was turned over to the organization, according to the release.

Smith was taken to the Coffee County Jail on Sept. 5 and bonded out on Sept. 6.

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