Water board receives water main replacement project updates

Phase II of the water main replacement project should start before the completion of Phase I, according to an update at the Enterprise Water Works Board meeting on Jan. 14.

Field Superintendent Alan Mahan told the board that Phase I is nearing completion with the alleys inside the city and some county roads all that’s left for the phase.

“As far as the alleyways, the lines have been laid from East Adams to Lee — and they have to tie in at Lee,” Mahan said. “And lines have been run from College to Lee and we have to tie in at Lee there. It’s been run behind Milky Moo’s to Edwards and we have to tie Edwards Street in.

“They’ve also worked behind the Rawls Hotel. They’ll be finishing up there probably in the next week. Then the last alley will be in the 100 block of North Main and the 100 block of South Main will be left. They’re actually right now on County Road 622. They’ve got 622 left and 623 left. They did finish County Road 610 last week.”

He said that the alleys and a “small piece” of Shellfield Road are the only portions of Phase I left inside the city.

Mahan said that holidays and weather did have slowed progress on Phase I a bit.

“They lost some days because of rain and the holidays, but they are out there just as quick as the rain quits,” Mahan said.

He put a potential time as sometime in March 2020. The project’s original completion time frame was August-September of 2019.

Enterprise Consulting Engineer Glenn Morgan said the contractor is still producing quality work.

“The merchants are not complaining (and) the residents are not complaining (about the work),” Morgan said. “For the amount of work that has been done and the amount of streets that were impacted this has been very smooth compared to previous projects. I can say that.”

Morgan also provided an update to the board regarding Phase II of the project. He said a preconstruction conference was set for Jan. 21 with a contractor start date of Feb. 10.

“That puts the substantial completion day at Nov. 16. There are 280 calendar days on that contract,” Morgan said.

The next Enterprise Water Works Board meeting will be Feb. 11 at noon in the mayor’s conference room at City Hall. The meeting is open to the public.

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