Hvarven released on bond

Robert Aaron Hvarven

Robert Aaron Hvarven, 42, was released from the Coffee County Jail on June 5 on a $100,000 bond, according to the inmate roster.

His release came about a day after Twelfth Circuit Clerk Judge Jeff Kelley granted Hvarven bond on June 4 after a five-hour bond hearing on May 30.

“The court cannot say that a well-guarded and dispassionate judgment could conclude that the accused Defendant is the guilty agent,” Kelley’s bond order said. “There was substantial evidence presented that other persons had opportunity and motive to commit the alleged offense. There was very little evidence presented as to the Defendant being the guilty agent.”

The order further clarifies that Hvarven was given bond because “the State did not make a clear showing that the Defendant is the guilty agent and the Defendant has overcome the presumption of guilty, the Defendant’s age, background, family ties, lack of criminal history, and the fact that the Defendant has not fled the area since the time of the alleged offense in 2007.”

As condition to his bond, Hvarven must wear an ankle monitor, be subject to a 9 p.m. until 6 a.m. curfew daily, not have direct or indirect contact with the victims’ families, not communicate with his children regarding the case, appear at all court appearances, not leave the state without permission, not violate any laws, provide the circuit clerk with any change of address, provide the Coffee County Sheriff with an address where he will reside, not change address without permission and provide a CCSO sergeant with his current address and place of employment each month.

Violating any of these can cause the revocation of his bond.

Hvarven had been in the Coffee County Jail since his arrest on Oct. 2, 2018. He was arrested and charged with capital murder in the 2007 deaths of James Matthew Helms and Scott Allen Heib on County Road 622.

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