CCASA grows, prepares for next meeting

The Coffee County Association of Service Agencies Vice President Travis Parker, Houston County ASA President Marilynne Pippin, President and CCASA Founder Peggy Contreras.

The Coffee County Association of Service Agencies has grown since its inception in July from 30 agencies to almost 50 agencies.

The group consists of a variety of service agencies, non-profits, churches and civic minded individuals that all provide services to the community. One of the purposes of the group is to allow collaboration between all the different members of the association.

“I always describe it as like a round table where we can get people working together,” CCASA Vice President Travis Parker said.

Parker said he hopes the collaboration and discussion of projects will lead to less duplicate projects between members.

“This will try to keep the work the groups do more open to each other so that we don’t have duplicate projects, the organizations can partner with each other in order to better harness their resources, and we can become even better at what we do,” Parker said.

Parker said his main example for duplicate projects are all the backpack giveaway projects for children starting school. He said that since different organizations run each event, the same child can end up getting multiple backpacks.

“One kid can end up with three different backpacks while another one who needed a backpack can end up without one,” Parker said.

He said the association will hopefully allow the different members to organize one big event such as this instead of many smaller events and allow more people in the community to be positively impacted.

The group was created by founder Peggy Contreras, a resident of Enterprise and recent Fort Rucker retiree. The idea for the group started when Contreras assisted community members and realized the need for a group like the CCASA. After having this revelation and multiple comments from others who felt that the group would be beneficial, the CCASA had its first meeting July 10 with about 30 agencies involved.

Now the almost 50 members strong is preparing for its next meeting at the Enterprise Farmer’s Market on Sept. 11 at 11:30 a.m.

The CCASA invites all churches, service-related agencies, non-profits and civic minded individuals to attend the meetings, which are designed to share information about who they are, services they provide, demographic of personnel they serve, how they can help the community and request assistance from other groups if needed. 

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