The Enterprise Public Library hosted creator and performer Todd Key on June 20 as part of its summer reading program.

Key’s show, “Cirque du Todd” focused on juggling, balancing and spinning different objects while talking about the importance of a library. Key ended almost every trick by telling the attendees that library books are how he got his start and that they could learn how do these things by checking out books at the library. He said that the goal of his show is to encourage children to read and go to their public library.

“In my show, even though it’s mostly about fun, we do touch on the reading and stuff,” Key said. “We want them to know that the library is a fun place to be in the summer. We want them to come to the library, we give them a super fun show, and they get positive energy about coming to the library. It keeps them continuing to read—it forms habits, coming to the library all the time. There aren’t shows all year long, but during the summertime, we don’t want them to just be on YouTube all the time. We want them to be actively reading during the summer so they don’t lose anything when they get back to school the next year.”

Key also invited volunteers on stage to participate in tricks such as spinning balls on stakes and a two-man juggling act. Key even matched his own personal record by circling a lasso around four children at once.

After the show, Key held a juggling workshop for those 8 and older where he taught the basics of juggling to an entranced crowd.

Key said that libraries are one of his favorite places to bring his act.

“I really enjoy doing these shows—actually, libraries are one of my favorite shows to do, because I do just about everything,” Key said. “I do the USO tours, the Obamas invited me up to perform at the White House—you never know what you’ll do. I’ve been a performer for 35 years; I started my first year of college. I was a theatre major in college, and what I do here is an extension of theatre.”

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