New Brockton passes new trash pick-up resolution

The New Brockton Town Council passed a resolution relating to the cost of garbage pick-up at its regularly scheduled meeting on Aug. 5.

Resolution 19-03 sets the pick-up charge for the first garbage receptacle at $17 and $14 for each additional receptacle. Limb and leaves pick up is $3.

“The purpose is that we’ve never done it,” New Brockton Mayor Kathy Holley said. “We have to have a guideline. You don’t need to charge people with two trashcans twice as much for once a month pick-up. When we went back and started looking, there had never been a resolution passed.”

The council unanimously approved the resolution.  

The trash will still be picked up once a week and limbs and leaves once a month.

In other business, the town council passed a resolution allowing the city to open up a bank account for the revenue gained from the 10-cent gas tax. The tax law requires each municipality to have a separate account for the revenue gained from the tax.

The council also approved spending $9,200 to purchase and install a five ton and a three-ton air conditioning unit at the New Brockton Senior Center to replace the current ones.

Holley described the current units at the center as “on their last leg.”

The units will be purchased from Air Command, have a 10-year warranty on parts and a solid motor, according to Holley.

The council approved repairing the power generator at town hall for $2,300 as well.

Holley told the council that a resident needed to go to a Main Street Alabama meeting in Decatur for training and asked the council for a resolution to pay for the three-day long training at just under $1,000. The motion was made and passed unanimously.

Holley addressed the council about the power bill at the baseball field. She told the council that since the lightning fried the old power meter, Alabama Power had been under billed the city for its usage from January until May.

The undercharges total to $1,077.58.

District 1 Councilman Ronald Terry voiced his concerns regarding the limb pick-up truck.

“I have noticed where there have been piles that have decayed from being there for so long,” Terry said.

He said that the truck should be more aware of which residents need limbs picked up and that piles shouldn’t be left for months at a time.

Holley said that the town is not allowed to pick-up limbs from anyone who does not have a water account with the town and that the town cannot pick up mixed piles. Mixed piles include piles of leaves and limbs that have other materials such as building materials or furniture in the pile as well.

She told Terry that she would address his concerns with the workers.

The next New Brockton Town Council work session will be Aug. 19 at 6 p.m. at New Brockton Town Hall. The session is open to the public.

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