City of Enterprise reaching new heights

Enterprise Interim Director of Engineering Services and Airport Manager Staci Hayes shows off the city's new bucket truck which will benefit multiple departments.

The smile on Staci Hayes’ face goes from ear to ear as she looks at the newest truck in the department’s fleet.

Hayes is the Enterprise Interim Director of Engineering Services/Airport manager and she is happy to welcome the new bucket truck which will benefit several of the city’s departments.

The new 2020 Ford F550 Duralift is the only bucket truck in the eight-vehicle Engineering Services Department fleet.

It replaces a 2007 bucket truck that only has a reach of 25 feet.

Hayes explained that bucket trucks are expected to be recertified annually but can only be recertified for 12 years. “We were going into our 13th year with the only bucket truck we had,” she said.

Hayes said that the Department of Engineering Services has listed a new bucket truck in the department’s budget “wish list” for the past three years but that first responder vehicles have taken precedence. “So we never did get one,” she said.

The new bucket truck will extend 35 feet and will actually stretch to 37 feet in height, Hayes said. “The bucket has a rotator on it which will make it a lot safer and easier to replace traffic light bulbs and the crane has a 1,000-pound capacity. 

“In the past if something was out of the 25-foot reach, we had to use the fire department’s ladder truck or rent a lift/crane, for instance, to put up the Christmas Tree in front of city hall each year,” Hayes said. “Now we can safely maintain all city traffic lights, put up Christmas decorations and put up the Christmas Tree at city hall because the new bucket truck has a crane on it.

“We will also be able to help other departments since the new bucket truck has crane capabilities on it,” Hayes added. “And we’ll be able to help the Parks and Recreations Department to replace bulbs in the lights at the city parks and hang their Christmas decorations in the park.

“The Department of Engineering Services helps maintain all the city buildings,” Hayes said. “So this new truck will mean we do not have to rent any equipment or outsource work such as pressure washing and painting.”

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