Unrevenued water loss continues to drop

Enterprise Water Department Field Superintendent Alan Mahan told the Enterprise Water Works Board that the percentage of unrevenued water has dropped drastically since this time last year at its regular meeting on Aug. 21.

“(In) July Fiscal Year 2018 it was running about 15 percent unrevenued water,” Mahan said. “July of this year, it’s dropped to 1.85 percent. (It) went from 28 million (gallons) last year to 3.4 million (gallons) this year.”

Mahan said that the average amount of unrevenued water for the year has also decreased from the previous year.

“In 2018, up to this point, we’re averaging 16.64 percent loss per month or 25 million gallons,” Mahan said. “This year, it’s dropped to 11.63 percent per month or 17 million gallons.”

He told the board that the department is on its way to reaching the set goal of a 50 percent reduction of unrevenued water.

“Our goal continues to be 50 percent cut this year and we’re at 33.48 percent,” Mahan said. “I’m anticipating that August will be a good month. We’ve been able to capture all the high usage water this time around so we’ll see how all this goes. Hopefully, it’ll continue to come down and reach our goal.”

Water Works Board Chairman John L. Mitchell commended Mahan for the job done so far.

At a board meeting in November of 2018, Mahan told the board that in FY 2018 city facilities had used 270 million gallons of water at the cost of $538,000. At that same meeting he explained that since the city is not charged for water by the board, the water used is non-revenue gaining and referred to as water “lost.”

Mahan set a goal at the meeting to cut the “loss” by 34 percent in FY 2019 and another 26 percent in FY 2020 for a total reduction of 50 percent.

The Enterprise Water Works Board meets at noon monthly at city hall in the mayor’s conference room. The meeting is open to the public. Those interested in being notified of the meetings can contact Beverly Sweeney at bsweeney@enterpriseal.gov.

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