‘Take pride in being an Enterprise High School student’

Enterprise High School Principal Brent Harrison addresses the freshman class on the first day of school.

“Take pride in being an Enterprise High School student,” EHS principal Brent Harrison told the freshman class during his address on Aug. 7. “You’re the fifth largest high school in the state, you’re one of the most technologically advanced schools in the state (and) we have more programs to offer you so take advantage of that.”

Harrison stressed the pride that the student body and the administration take in the school building. He told the freshmen that he expected them to treat the school in a similar manner.

“This is the most expensive school in the state,” Harrison said. “This school—minus the construction—still looks brand new. We take good care of it, so we want you to take good care of it. Our students—for the most part—take great care of our school.”

Harrison also discussed the importance for freshmen to be involved with the school.

“Guys, we’ve got more clubs here, more organizations, more things for you to do than anybody could dream of and—importantly—more so than any school in our part of the state,” Harrison said. “We’ve got about every sport known to man and we’ve got about every group known to man. Get involved.”

He said that freshmen getting involved early in their high school career will help them once they graduate from EHS.

“When you guys graduate in 2023, you are going to be competing against students all across the State of Alabama and you’re going to be competing locally—whether it be for scholarship or jobs,” Harrison said. “The more that you can say you’ve done and add to your resume, the better you’ll be and the more attractive you’ll be as a potential student or employee.”

At the end of the address, he reminded the freshmen that there is no swimming pool and that students do not need to buy pep rally tickets. He also reminded them of one more important detail.

“Remember, there is no fourth floor,” Harrison said.

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