Community comes together to raise new flag

The attending crowd help raise the new flag.

Sam Boswell Honda held its bi-annual flag retirement ceremony on Flag Day, June 14 to honor the flag and those who fought for it.

This year, the event also celebrated the 244th birthday of the United States Army, which was formed a year before the country.

“These are the guardians of our freedom, our beacons of hope and liberty,” said O’Neal Boswell. “And they never asked to be called anything other than ‘soldier’ or ‘civilian.’ But to us, they are heroes. Today and always, we celebrate those army heroes. Thank you for coming out and helping us celebrate our country, celebrate those who serve our country and celebrate our beautiful flag.”

Several veteran and community groups helped with the changing of the 30 by 50 ft. flag, including local Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Combat Motor Cycle Veterans, Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club, Vietnam Veterans of America, Disabled American Veterans and Auxiliary, VFW Post 6683 and Auxiliary and more.

A 13-fold ceremony was held for the removed flag before the group once again worked together to put up a new flag.

Each fold represents a different American and individual idea, including one for each parent of soldiers and veterans, the belief in God and His guidance, allegiance to the United States and more.

It has been over 100 years since Flag Day was first officially recognized. The holiday was first recognized in 1916 following a presidential proclamation from Woodrow Wilson, according to the America's Library website.

Flag Day serves as a day that "commemorates the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the official flag of the United States," the website said.

“We will honor the symbol of our freedom, the American flag, as we retire her from duty,” VFW Post 6683 Commander Otis Smith said.

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