ECS receives A on state report card

The Enterprise City School System received an A on its 2018-2019 Alabama State Department of Education Report Card.

The system received a 90, which is six points higher than its score the previous year. The system saw improvement in the following areas: one point in academic achievement, seven points in academic growth, two points in graduation rate, two points in college and career readiness, 10 points in chronic absenteeism and six points in progress in English language proficiency.

“I am pleased with our team's efforts and our latest results as we continue to provide the very best educational opportunities for our students,” said ECS Superintendent Greg Faught. “While earning an ‘A’ is noteworthy, our focus will continue to be on performing quality work.  I am very proud of our students, staff, and community.”

Holly Hill Elementary School received the highest single school grade in the county at 94, a three point increase from the year before.  The school increased its academic growth indicator score by four points to a perfect 100 over the last year.

Pinedale and Hillcrest Elementary Schools both received a 91 for this year, a seven point and three point increase respectively.

Pinedale raised its academic growth score by 14 points and Hillcrest by two points giving both schools a 100 in the category.

Three schools in the area received a 90: Dauphin Junior High School, Enterprise Early Education Center and Harrand Creek Elementary School.

DJHS saw an improvement of 12 points in its chronic absenteeism score being it to eight percent.

Academic achievement and academic both saw a two point increase bringing them to 82 and 95 respectively.

EEEC increased its academic growth by just over one point, giving it a 100 in the category for the 2019 year.

The school also decreased its chronic absenteeism rate 12 points to an 11 percent. The school did see a 22 percent dip in its progress in English language proficiency score bringing it to a 45.

HCES saw an eight point increase in its academic growth bringing it to a 97. The school also had a 35 percent improvement in its progress in English language proficiency score raising it to 58 percent.

Both Coppinville Junior High School and Rucker Boulevard Elementary School received an 87, which was a seven point increase for both schools.

CJHS raised its academic growth score by just under 10 points to a 96. The school also lowered its chronic absenteeism rate down by 9 percent.

RBES’ academic achievement score increased three points, giving it a 73. The school’s academic growth also raised five points to a 97.

It’s chronic absenteeism rate dropped 11 points to 8 percent.

The school did see a drop of 6 percent in its progress in English language proficiency score.

Enterprise High School received an 85, a five point increase over the previous year.

EHS’ academic growth score saw an 11 point increase to 87. The school also dropped its chronic absenteeism rate down 14 percent for a score of 15 percent.  

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Great job! Parents your tax dollars being used wisely.

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