Enterprise city water tank view for national title

The city’s ground storage water tank on Highway 167 was painted with the Enterprise High School Wildcat logo in April and is now vying for “Tank of the Year.”

One of the city’s water tanks has been nominated for “Tank of the Year” and citizens can help bring the title home.

The ground storage water tank on Highway 167 is one of 311 water tanks in the running for Tnemec’s Tank of the Year. Voting ends Oct. 18 at 5 p.m. The winner will be announced Oct. 25.

The “Tank of the Year” contest has been sponsored since 2006 by Tnemec, a Kansas City, Mo.-based manufacturer of architectural and industrial coatings formulated for durability, performance and enhanced aesthetics.

The “enhanced aesthetics” has garnered the Enterprise water tank a nomination, according to Robert Anderson, vice president of operations for the Northport-based Tank Pro Inc., the company that had rehabilitated the water tank.

The tank, upgraded and re-painted as part of an Enterprise Water Works Board city wide water system rehabilitation and replacement project, was repainted in April.

The tank is now a glossy bright white and features the words “Enterprise, City of Progress” in royal blue and gold and the Enterprise High School Wildcat mascot roaring over the royal blue, capital “E.”

As the project neared completion in April, EHS Principal Brent Harrison explained that he had been contacted by Anderson about the feasibility of using the Wildcat logo.

“I would like to thank Tank Pro for the new art work on the water tower on 167,” Harrison said when the painting was first unveiled. “Robert Anderson with Tank Pro Inc. contacted me about using our ‘Big E’ with the Wildcat graphic on the water tower. The city of Enterprise agreed and Tank Pro completed the graphic.”

Anderson, an EHS graduate, wanted to recognize the Wildcats on the refurbished water tank and was one of the first to initiate the graphic’s addition. “I remember working closely with (former longtime Enterprise City Schools Band Director and now Enterprise Mayor William “Bill” Cooper) when I was in the high school band and I knew he cared about Wildcat pride as much as I did so that’s why I offered to put it on the water tank and he was able to make it happen,” Anderson said when the water tank was first unveiled in April.

Enterprise Water Works Board Field Superintendent Alan Mahan and the Enterprise Water Works Board also were on board with the idea. “We thought it would be a good gesture,” Mahan said. “We’ve seen other towns do it so we thought it would be a good gesture for the community.”

Renovations on the tank began around March 1. “This tank was built in 1969 when there was nothing out here but cotton fields and peanut fields,” Mahan said. “It’s a 1.2-million-gallon tank called a ground storage tank and it was refurbished on the inside and the outside.

“The tank was sand-blasted inside from top to bottom as well as the outside,” Mahan said. “The whole project was just a little over $200,000. They’ve done a great job.”

Citizens can vote for the Enterprise tank by going to http://tankoftheyear.tnemec.com. From that website, scroll down until the Enterprise Water Tower is displayed. Voters are asked to enter their name and email, then submit the vote. This will not register a voter for junk email according to a message on the site.

Once the votes are tabulated, the top tank and 11 runners-up will be judged by an internal panel of water tank experts to determine the winner. The winner and 11 runners-up will be featured in Tnemec's annual water tank calendar. The tank with the most votes during the polling period will be awarded as honorary People's Choice.

“We certainly want to thank the water board for their support in this,” Mahan said, citing John L. Mitchell, Ben Beckham, Eugene Goolsby and Cooper. “They’ve always been supportive in making the water system the best it can be in every way we can.”

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