CCFSC receives donation from NBHS

Students from New Brockton High School present the “Pennies for Presents” check to Coffee County Family Services Executive Director Judy Crowley. Pictured, from left, are Logan McCoy, Julian Soto, Josh Gutierrez, Trevor Woodham, Devin Ruiz, NBHS Principal Alonzo Barkley, Aniya Barkley, Crowley, Baylon Foster, Jade Sims, Mackenzie Jones, Lillian Gonzales, Rayna Stephens, Sean Smith and KJ McDaniel. 

New Brockton High School presented a check to Coffee County Family Services Center Executive Director Judy Crowley on Dec. 12.

The $726.86 was raised by the school for the “Pennies for Presents” campaign, which helped buy bicycles that were given out on Dec. 17 by CCFSC as part of Toys for Tots.

“You guys have the spirit of service,” Crowley said. “It means a tremendous amount to Coffee County Family Services that you’re helping us and I just want to thank you. And please thank your classmates.”

Crowley said that she was proud of the students for participating in the campaign and that she believes participation in events like this grooms the students to be lifelong servants.

“They’re young, they’re going to grow up with a spirit of service that a lot of adults never get,” Crowley said. “They understand why they’re giving and they understand that it takes sacrifice to help the community. This is an amazing value to instill in kids.”

NBHS Principal Alonzo Barkely said that he believes participation in events such as the “Pennies for Presents” campaign is just another facet of teaching the students.

 “I think along with academics and the arts and athletics, we ought to be teaching soft skills like generosity,” Barkley said. “That was the main purpose of this was not just talking about it and giving examples in class but showing them generosity in action. To see it first hand and to know what you’re giving to is going to help your community and people around you is immeasurable.”

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