The Birmingham Children’s Theater traveled to Enterprise High School’s Performing Arts Center on Oct. 17 to put on a show for area kindergarten through second graders.

Students from Elba City Schools, Coffee County Schools and Enterprise City Schools all came to watch the show, which was sponsored by the Coffee County Arts Alliance.

This year, the group performed a play called “The City Mouse and The Country Mouse,” which revolved around Country Mouse inviting City Mouse to her home for a vacation and then vice versa. The play is inspired by one of Aesop’s Fables, “The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.”

Coffee County Arts Alliance Board Member Garrett Keller said the annual event is important for getting children interested and involved in the arts.

“The best time to start someone in theater or any life long interest in the arts is as a child,” Keller said. “That’s why we love to be able to bring the Birmingham Children’s Theater to the community’s children. To see them come and their eyes light up when they see these women out here sing and acting on stage, it just gives me hope for the future of the arts.”

Birmingham Children’s Theater actress Katie Milligan said the group always enjoys introducing young audiences to the arts and coming to Enterprise to perform.

“It’s a blessing,” Milligan said. “Bringing the arts to different parts of the Southeast is a real joy for all of us. When we get the chance to introduce theater to any child I just think that’s an honor and bringing here to this specific performing arts center is amazing.”

She said her goal with the BCT is just to share her love of theater with the audiences they perform for.  

“The arts—to me—and theater have been a saving grace in my life,” Milligan said.  “I was introduced to it at a very young age—the age that we perform for—and I started doing theater then and it changed my life. So my goal in doing children’s theater is to help them and show them and teach them to love this art form that I love. It’s an honor to get to do that.”

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