Monsters invaded the Enterprise Public Library on Oct. 31 and brought with them a special message.

Each monster was carrying a letter for a phrase that library patrons had to find to put together the phrase. However, the monsters decided to play a trick on the library patrons and tried to confuse them by bringing the wrong letters and dressing up as the other monsters.

Patrons had to match the descriptions of the monsters to the finest detail meaning the amount of teeth, whether a monster had its eye closed, the amount of arms, etc., to make sure that they found the right letter.

After the patrons found the letters, the revealed phrase was “I eat boogers.” If this secret phrase was told to the EPL staff at the counter, patrons would be rewarded for their hard work with candy, toys and other rewards.

With the hunt for the secret phrase over, patrons were then able to create a monster lantern to brighten their way home on the spooky, monster-filled night.

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