'Stay diligent, informed,' Coffee County Administrator says

Stay diligent and stay informed.

That is some of the advice that Coffee County Administrator Rod Morgan gave to those attending the Coffee County Commission meeting March 23.

At the Monday morning meeting, participants were seated the requisite six feet apart in accordance with Alabama Department of Public Health requirements during the current COVID-19 threat but Morgan said that alternate venues for the commission meetings are being explored.

The commission is working with all county officials to provide for public access to government resources and continuing services essential to public health and safety,” Morgan said. “Evaluations of public access to buildings are ongoing and may be modified based on federal or state actions, as well as local conditions.”

Information about county offices and links to individual can be found online at www.coffeecounty.us. “The vast majority of transactions—including payments, recording documents and viewing documents or maps—can be conducted online,” Morgan said. “If it is necessary to come to a county office, please limit any visits only to those persons essential to conduct a transaction and respect social distancing guidelines by standing at least six feet apart.”

The Coffee County Highway Department can be accessed online through the county’s website at www.coffeecounty.us or by calling (334) 894-6112.

The circuit clerk’s office will continue to process payments and filings but will be available in person by appointment only. There is a secure drop box outside of the clerk’s office in Elba and Enterprise for payments and documents. The Elba Circuit Clerk’s office is available by phone at (334) 897-2954 or call (334) 347-2519 for the Circuit Clerk’s Office in Enterprise.

The Coffee County Probate Office can be accessed through the county website or directly at www.coffeecoprobate-al.org. The Probate office can also be reached by phone at (334) 897-2211 or (334) 347-2688.

Morgan said automobile and boat tags can be renewed by mail or online through the probate website or directly at renewyourtag.com/coffee.

The Coffee County Commission has waived the $3 mail fee on renewals through April 15. The deadline for tag renewals due in March 2020 has been extended to April 15, 2020.

Morgan said that information about driver’s licenses may be found at www.alea.gov.

Coffee County solid waste bills may be paid online through the county website at www.coffeecounty.us or over the phone at (334) 894-6600. “If it is necessary to drop a payment off at the office, please utilize the drop slot in the door,” Morgan said. “If you need to arrange a pickup of a canister or have other questions related to solid waste, call the office at (334) 894-6600.

The Revenue Commissioner’s office may also be accessed online at the county website or directly at www.coffeecountyrevenue.com or by phone at (334) 897-2475 or (334) 347-8734.

Morgan said the county highway department can be accessed online through the county’s website or by phone at (334) 894-6112.

Morgan encouraged citizens to access the county’s website at www.coffeecounty.us. He also recommended that citizens visit the Alabama Department of Public Health’s website at www.alabamapublichealth.gov/infectiousdiseases for the most up-to-date information on COVID-19.

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