Williams chosen to attend CLA

Taylor Williams

New Brockton High School sophomore Taylor Williams has been chosen to attend the Capstone Leadership Academy at the University of Alabama.

“I’m very excited and honored that she (NBHS Guidance Counselor Valerie Bourne) picked me out of the 400 students we have at this school,” Williams said. “I was very honored to be selected out of my peers.”

Bourne talked about why she nominated Williams.

“She’s an outstanding student,” Bourne said. “She’s a great athlete and involved in lots of different extracurricular activities and she’s a very good example for other students at this school,” Bourne said.

Williams is a member of the volleyball team, a member of the National Beta Club, involved in sports officiating, currently taking two forestry classes, takes dual enrollment classes and honors classes. In her freshman year, Williams was also a part of the yearbook committee and Student Government Association.

Only 160 high school sophomores are chosen each year to attend the two-day event in March, which focuses on honing the leadership skills of the attendees.

Williams said she can already think of a way that this academy can affect her during her tenure at NBHS.

“Since I am being recognized as a leader, I feel that has already impacted me a lot and made me strive to be more of a leader,” Williams said. “If I ever do become a captain (of the volleyball team) I want that to be one of the main things people recognize about me is that I take charge, pick somebody up when they’re down and be a role model to the younger girls on the team.”

If Williams decides to pursue a collegiate career at UA, she will be awarded a $6,000 scholarship for participating in the CLA.

She said that the academy will also help her once she leaves college as well.

“Work wise, when I get out of college, I hope to own my own business at some point in my life,” Williams said. “I hope my leadership skills will come into that in being a leader as a boss and coworker and a role model. That’s what I aspire to be.”

Williams said that she is eager to attend the CLA.

“I am very excited to go to Tuscaloosa and experience the leadership conference and hopefully make new friends and learn how to be a better leader and role model for my friends and my family and everyone at my school,” Williams said. “That’s what I aspire to be.”

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