NBHS tests negative for carbon monoxide

Weekend testing as well as two tests on Monday, Aug. 19 resulted in no levels of carbon monoxide at New Brockton High School, according to a press release from Coffee County Schools Superintendent Kevin Killingsworth.

The tests performed on Aug. 19 were performed by the New Brockton Fire Department, Coffee County EMA, Fort Rucker Fire Department and Enterprise Fire and Rescue.

The two tests of the school and busses on Thursday, Aug. 15 and the one test on Aug. 16 also showed no levels of carbon dioxide, according to the release.

CCS staff and Killingsworth met with the Alabama State Fire Marshall’s Office and Alabama Department of Public Health, which agreed that NBHS is safe for students and staff.

Other agencies involved in the matter agree with the ruling of the AFMO and ADPH, according to the release.

“The agencies concur that we have exhausted all resources at our disposal and there is no reason that the school should remain closed,” the release says.

The system has done all the testing it can to make sure that NBHS is safe, according to the release.

“We have done our due diligence to make sure that our students and staff are safe and there are no threats of carbon monoxide,” the release says.

The release states that the CCS administration places high priority on the safety of its students and staff.

“I realize that there are many concerns circulating on social media and in the general

media,” the release states. “My staff and I take the safety of our students and faculty very seriously and would not knowingly or otherwise put anyone in harm's way.”

Killingsworth praised the work of the NBHS and CCS staff in handling the matter.

“Our administrative staff and staff at New Brockton did a great job in a situation that happened suddenly,” Killingsworth said. “The coaches, the nurses and the staff got the students to safety and provided medical assistance to the students that needed it.”

The incident occurred on Aug. 15 when four students in gym class suffered from symptoms of dizziness, headache and nausea, according to an earlier CCEMA release.

These students were taken to Medical Center Enterprise for “heat stress” but were found to have elevated levels of carbon monoxide in their system, according to the CCEMA release.

Four additional students went to the MCE emergency room on the night of Aug. 15 and also suffered from elevated levels of carbon monoxide, according to the CCEMA release.

On Aug. 16, a scan of the building yielded negative results and the CCEMA said that it believed the students’ exposure to carbon monoxide did not occur at school, according to the CCEMA release.

Killingsworth thanked the CCEMA New Brockton Fire Department, Coffee County EMS, Coffee County Sheriff’s Office, New Brockton Police Department, Fort Rucker Fire Department, Southeast Gas, Enterprise Fire Department, ADPH and the AFMO for their assistance “during our time of need.”

He also reiterated his thanks to the NBHS staff and administrative staff at the central office for their handling of the situation.

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