Members of the Enterprise High School JROTC Wildcat Battalion were honored at the group’s awards ceremony on May 3.

“The cadets of the Wildcat Battalion continue to excel academically and as leaders outside the classroom,” said JROTC instructor Col. (Ret.) Dennis Griffin. “Cadet participation in community service projects this school year has exceeded 1,000 volunteer hours.

“Cadets on our competition teams continue to excel as well this year. The P.T. team, academics team, rifle team, Blue Knights and Belles of the Blue Knights drill teams have all won numerous competitions.”

He touched on the battalion’s accomplishments in the national accreditation process in which the group kept their Honor Unit with Distinction designation.

“For the first time in program history the Wildcat Battalion—you guys sitting here today—scored perfect—170 points out of 170 points—as well as retained the designation of Honor Unit with Distinction,” Griffin said. “Thanks for your efforts, that was awesome.”

The awards were received as follows:

The Medal of Heroism was awarded to Rebecca Helms. This medal is awarded by the Department of the Army to any junior ROTC cadet that performs an act of heroism. This award recognized Helms’ act of heroism when she jumped into a pool to save a toddler from drowning.

Daniel Babaran Sun was the 2018-2019 school year Cadet of the Year, which is awarded to a cadet who previously won Cadet of the Month.

Rachel McCarty received the Cadet Noncommissioned Officer of the Year Award, which is awarded to an NCO who had previously won NCO of the Month.

The Distinguished Cadet Award for Scholastic Excellence was awarded to Evan Crawford, Courtney Solie, Daniel Stafford and Mark Wylie.

The Academic Excellence Award is awarded to cadets that rank at the top of their class. Senior Even Crawford with a 4.41 GPA, junior Amber Mayse with a 4.26 GPA, sophomore Brendan Climer with a 4.33 GPA and freshmen Samuel Haglund and Brett Tessay both with 4.25 GPAs were awarded the honor.

Evan Crawford, Luis Cardona, Brandon Blackman and Kyle Lane received the Department of the Army Superior Cadet award.

The Order of the Purple Heart Award was presented to Mark Wylie.

The Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution awarded Caleb Luis and Patricia O’Dell with the Sons of the American Revolution Medal and Daughters of the American Revolution Award, respectively.

The American Legion presented awards for military excellence and scholastic excellence. Courtney Solie received the American Legion Award for Military Excellence and Rachel McCarty received the American Legion Award for Scholastic Excellence.

Madison Grimes was presented the Military Order of the World Wars Award.

The Senior Army Instructor Leadership Award was earned by Micah Smith, Cha’Mon Harris, Samuel Tatum and Jake Holmes.

The National Sojourners Award was presented to Brendan Climer.

Colby Clark was awarded the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Award. This award is given to a cadet in the third year of a four-year JROTC program who places within the top 25 percent of his or her academic class.

The Noncommissioned Officers Association Award was presented to Joshua Dawson.

The Association of the United States Army Most Outstanding Cadet Award is presented to a senior cadet who is in the top 25 percent of his or her academic class and the top 10 percent in JROTC. Emily Bumgardner received this award.

The Military Officer Association of America Award was presented to Henry Templin.

The Warrant Officer Association Award is presented in four categories: copper, bronze, silver and gold. Brett Tessay and Samuel Haglund received the Copper Award. Amber Mayse received the Bronze award and Rebeca Helms received the Silver Award. The Gold Award was presented to Devon Hill.

Michael Arce-Perez was presented the Veteran of Foreign Wars Medal.

Colton Payne received the American Veterans Award.

The Reserve Officers Association of America Medal was awarded to Ele Thompson.

Cristian Caban received the Order of the Daedalian Award, which is awarded by a fraternity organized by World War I pilots. He also received the For God and Country Medal, which is awarded by the Knights of Columbus.

The Activities Team Cadet of the Year Award is presented to cadets who provided outstanding contribution and support to their respective teams. Receiving this award were Jake Holmes, P.T. Team; Zane Wallace, Rifle Team; Courtney Solie, The Belles of the Blue Knights Drill Team; Tal Audiss, The Blue Knights Drill Team; and Madison Grimes, LEAD/Academic Team.

The P.T. and rifle and drill team members were also awarded varsity letters and second, third and fourth year pins.

Receiving their varsity letters were Zephanyah Barnes, Daniel Babaran Sun, John Carter, Daniel Chamberlin, Parris Crowley, Rene’ Garcia, Samuel Haglund, Gracie Hallman, Jake Holmes, Faith Mason, Nolan Moos, ZyAeriah Morris, Christian Neal, Dallen Putney, Tyler Rathburn, Lauren Rodgers, Madeline Rodriguez, Jacob Rowan, Johnathan Rowley, Nathan Schmidt, Nathan Smith, Haden Sizemore, Tristen Stratton, Brett Tessay, Victoria VanMeter and Morgan Werhan.

Receiving their second, third and fourth year pins were Brandon Allen, Tal Audiss, Christopher Beltz, Keeley Bone, Tucker Boswell, Ramsey Buteaux, Riley Buteaux, Justin Casteel, Colby Clark, Brendan Climer, Kendall Cox, Brandon Cross, Bri Davis, Lana Davis, Elijah Doherty, Colton Driscoll, Charles Frey, Katie Hallman, Devon Hill, Edward Howell Jr, Amber Mayse, Rachel McCarty, Shekaunna McCauley, Patricia O’Dell, Steven Petrie, Courtney Solie, Mackenzie Spence, Ivy Stone, Anna Swafford, Brice Thomas, Zane Wallace, Cory Wise and Sayla Wood.

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