Sunday alcohol sales in Enterprise begin

Alcohol can now be sold in the city of Enterprise on Sundays.

Sunday, Sept. 8, marked the first day that alcohol could be sold in the City of Progress from 10 a.m. until 2 a.m. Monday, Sept. 9.

At an Enterprise City Council meeting Sept. 3, the council officially decided that the Sunday sale hours will be the same for on and off premise sales.

In a special municipal election Aug. 13, Enterprise voters living in the city limits decided 1,956 in favor and 468 against the Sunday sale of alcohol.

Absentee voters favored Sunday alcohol sales 22 to one against in the municipal election held at the Enterprise Recreation Center.

With the least voter turnout, District 1 residents voted 197 in favor of Sunday sales and 41 against.

District 2 had 429 voters in favor of Sunday sales and 99 against.

With the most voter turnout, the “yes” votes in District 3 were 507 to 136 against the Sunday sales.

District 4 voters chose Sunday alcohol sales 370 for to 115 against.

With the second highest voter turnout, 417 District 5 residents voted in favor of Sunday alcohol sales and 76 voted against.

The Provisional Ballots were certified at a special called city council meeting Aug. 13. Of the 14 ballots that were certified, all voted in favor of the Sunday alcohol sales.

At the request of business owners and private citizens, the Enterprise City Council in January 2019 approved a resolution to introduce a bill for Sunday alcohol sales to the state legislature. It cleared all legislative hurdles during the 2019 legislative session and was signed by Gov. Kay Ivey, leaving a final decision to Enterprise residents.

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