Fort Rucker soldiers recognized

Enterprise Mayor William E. Cooper, left, presents a plaque to Staff Sgt. Alisa Crouch commending the Bravo Company of the 1-11th Aviation Regiment on Fort Rucker for its help to the Pea River Historical Society Museum.

The City of Enterprise and Pea River Historical and Genealogical Society recognized the Fort Rucker 1-11th Aviation Regiment Bravo Company for its help at the Depot Museum.

“We had a lot of work that we needed to have done in the museum, but with just a small group of old folks, we couldn’t get that job done,” said PRHGS President Doug Bradley. “On several weekends this group of people represented the Bravo Company of the 1-11th Aviation Regiment from Fort Rucker and they did a tremendous service for us by reorganizing things we couldn’t do and cleaning up and cleaning out a lot of things. It took some good backs—several backs—because there were some things in there that were really heavy so we present this to them and our appreciation for the hard work that they did.”

City of Enterprise Special Projects Coordinator Kay Kirkland also recognized Bravo Company for all of the volunteer hours they’ve spent at the Enterprise Farmer’s Market and with the city’s Recreation Department.

“They have just been really invaluable to helping us run some of the games and the food events so we appreciate them very much,” Kirkland said.

Enterprise Mayor William E. Cooper announced that the soldiers would be made honorary citizens of Enterprise as well.

“When your military days are over, come on back and live with us,” Cooper said. “We’d be glad for you to be part of our city so as of now, you are all honorary citizens of this city.”

The following soldiers were honored:

Commanders Capt. Curtiss Shorkey and 1st Sgt. Troy Bolin, Staff Sgt. Alisa Crouch, Sgt. 1st Class Raleigh Hawkins, Staff Sgt Ashlee Saalfeld, Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Rowland, Staff Sgt. Xavier Ferreira, Sgt. Nikolas Hartson, Sgt. George Seamans, Sgt. Jeffrey Tlumac, Sgt. Sarah Oropesa, Spc. Beth Gilbery, Spc. Eric Byers, Spc. Jordan McMillan, Sge. Printes Brown, Spc. Breeana Sarenana, Spc. Dillon Vance, Spc. Juan Huesca, Spc. Tyler Kubiki, Spc. Jean Gerena, Pfc. David Madigan and Pfc. Markell Valentine.

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