Daleville High School was the overall state powerlifting champion after the Alabama High School State Powerlifting Championship at Enterprise High School April 13.

“We were better prepared this year,” Daleville weight training coach Josh Parrish said. “We knew what we wanted to accomplish. It went really well for us this year.”

The Warhawks also won the boys and girls Class 3A state championships.

Daleville took 77 students to the meet, the most they’ve ever taken.

Along with the record number of participants from Daleville, the school took female competitors for the first time.

Senior Roman Buchanan earned the State Champion Top Lifter Award when he lifted a combined total of 1,160 pounds.

Buchanan now holds the Class 3A state record in the power clean with 315 pounds, and the state record for the total amount of weight lifted in his weight class with 205 pounds.

In the boys 98-pound weight class, Acazio Coleman finished in third place with a 355-pound total. Erin Levigne earned second place in the 114-pound weight class by lifting a total of 419 pounds, and Brandon Perdue finished in third place in the 123-pound weight class with a total of 500 pounds.

Chase Miller got second place in the 132-pound weight class by lifting a total of 645 pounds. Terrell Christopher took home third place in the 158-pound weight class by lifting a total of 775, and Jabari Holland finished in first place with a total of 845.

Demarcus Flowers came in second in the 165-pound weight class by lifting a total of 980 pounds, and Kharri Stewart finished in first place in the 181-pound weight class with a total of 875 pounds.

Nathan Hanbury finished in second place in the 198-pound weight class by lifting a total of 925 pounds. Julius Hammond lifted a total of 935 pounds in his 220-pound weight class.

Elijah Wilson finished third in his 232-pound weight class by lifting a total of 975. Demetrie Williams lifted a total of 1,020 pounds in the 242-weight class and finished in first place.

The meet marked the first time Daleville had female athletes participate, and hope to continue to do so in the future.

Two female athletes now hold state records, which they set at the meet, and both finished in first place in their weight classes.

La Tia Fils-Aime holds two state records in her weight class for squatting 280 pounds, and power cleaning 150 pounds.

Eighth grader Cidney Scott also holds two state records in her weight class. Scott lifted 125 pounds during the bench press and 135 in the power clean to attain the records.

Destine Harris finished first in her weight class, and Shamari Knight claimed third.

Daleville earned the top three spots in one of the female weight classes when Scott finished in first place, Jazmin Cephus finished second and Grace Lim finished in third.

Kiana Coleman earned first place in her weight class by lifting a total of 445 pounds.

Lindsey Richardson also finished in first place in her weight class with a total of 385 pounds. Kenyetta Stephens claimed second place in her weight class, followed by Fils-Aime.

Brittany Straughn earned second place in her weight class with a total of 440 pounds.

Parrish said he hopes Daleville can attend more powerlifting meets in the future.

“We hope to keep getting better and not getting satisfied with what we’ve done because we have to defend our state title,” he said. 

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