Daleville's Kentayvis Valrie (11) is headed to California for college. 

Daleville basketball star Kentayvis Valrie announced last week that he had committed to accept a scholarship to play basketball at California’s Antelope Valley College.

Valrie is a three-sport athlete at Daleville starring in football, basketball and track. The Warhawk senior said that Antelope Valley’s distance played a factor in his decision.

“I’ve never really traveled far outside of Alabama,” Valrie said. “So, I just wanted to have a different experience while also playing the game that I love.”

Valrie said that he wants to continue to develop as a basketball player at Antelope Valley but also to continue to get good grades and get a college degree.

Recently Valrie won a state championship in track and field and he said that running track has improved his game on the court.

“I think (it’s improved it) because conditioning for track really helped me stay able to run up and down the court all night,” Valrie emphasized.

Valrie’s teammate Shemar Dixon recently committed to Clark College in Washington and the two will be playing on opposite sides of the May 18 Wiregrass All-Star Basketball Game in Ashford.

Valrie will be playing for Team Red while Dixon plays for Team White in the game.

“I think it’s going to be pretty fun but we are both used to guarding each other,” Valrie said. “We do it everyday (in practice). I might just let somebody else guard him, so he can give (his team) a bucket or two.”

Valrie became well known during his senior campaign for his highlight reel dunks and he will also be competing in the Wiregrass Slam Dunk Contest at the event. Valrie said he has something special up his sleeve for the event.

“I have a couple of dunks up my sleeve,” Valrie said. “I think it’s going to be pretty cool to watch. I’m pretty excited myself.”

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