Street Bandit

The dastardly Street Bandit chokes fan-favorite Johnny Romano at an event in Daleville earlier this year.

Over the summer long time wrestling veteran and Dale County native Tim Cook launched Daleville’s very own local pro wrestling promotion – Hybrid Pro – and after running five shows during the second half of 2019 the promotion hopes to expand further in 2020.

After taking November off, Hybrid Pro will return to action on Jan. 4, 2020 in Daleville for “New Year Reckoning.”

“I think things went pretty well,” Cook said of Hybrid Pro’s first year. “We got our foot in the door and I think we got the handle of things.

“I’ve been wrestling for 20 years but never had to run things myself until now. I think things started going pretty well but it’s just going to get even better now.”

After more than 200 fans packed Daleville’s VFW in Hybrid Pro’s first two events, attendance took a bit of a hit in the final three shows as it had to compete with Alabama, Auburn and Troy football games.

“Football season really killed us there late in the year,” Cook said. “Football season is over now, so hopefully we’ll be able to fill in with bigger crowds again.”

Cook said he’s been most enthused with the energy level of the Daleville crowds thus far.

“They’ve been really great,” he said of the fans. “Even if there’s 10 people there they’d be really loud. Honestly, I’d rather 100 people that are loud than 1,000 that are just there and look at you.”

Following the death of longtime wrestling fan Sara Mills, Hybrid pro honored her with its October event “Awareness” that included the Sara Mills Invitational, which Cook said was his favorite moment of the first year.

Hyprid Pro also became affiliated with international wrestling territory AIWF during 2019 and hopes to expand that relationship in 2020, as well.

Cook said that Hybrid Pro will be adding a projector screen to the production side of events next year to show entrance videos for the wrestlers, and he expects to expand further.

“We’re working on getting another ring so that we can do shows in both Alabama and Florida,” Cook said. “We’re going to stay in Daleville but we also want to start running other towns, so maybe do two shows a month. I’m getting that itch to run more (shows).

“We want to be able to start running shows in Enterprise and we’re working on that now. We’ve been looking at Enterprise for awhile.”

One of Hybrid Pro’s biggest stars has been Panama City, Fla., native MacKenzie York, who had been retired for some time before making a return to the ring for Hybrid Pro. Her rivalry with the villainous Street Bandit has garnered high views on Youtube for the promotion, as well.

York’s rivalry with Street Bandit will continue into 2020 but as the New Year begins she will get a chance to tangle with California native Erica Torres at “New Year Reckoning” in January.

Other stars scheduled to appear include Hybrid Pro Heavyweight Champion Cali Man, Hybrid National Champion Cameron Thomas, Dark Rage, Street Bandit, T-Bird, Johnny Romano and much more.

“I think it’s going to be a really great show,” Cook said. “With football season ending I’m hoping we’ll have a big crowd, too.”

Cook said that Hybrid Pro’s success would be impossible without the Daleville fans and fans from the surrounding area and hopes they will continue to come out and support their local promotion.

“I just want to tell everyone thank you for supporting us and I hope you guys keep coming back,” he said. “Just stick with us, it’s going to get even better!”

“New Year Reckoning” takes place Jan. 4 from Daleville’s VFW Post 6020 at 7 p.m. Admission for the event is $8 and kids aged five and under get in free.

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