Billy Long

Billy Long addresses the council regarding the upcoming Daleville Board of Education appointment.

The Daleville City Council heard a citizen’s complaint regarding the upcoming Daleville Board of Education appointment.

Citizen Billy Long was given three minutes to express his views to the council.

“It’s time again (to reappoint a DBOE member) and the good-old-boy network head honcho is up,” Long said. “Ricky McLin needs to go and his special interests need to go also. I don’t think he elects any of y’all up here or gets out and works for you either.”

He spoke about diversity on the school board.

“You have five board members up there, put another black on there,” Long said. “There should be (another African American board member).”

He also said that no DBOE members have children in the system.

“You haven’t got no board members up there that have kids in the schools,” Long said. “That’s a point coming up.”

Long emphasized that the council needed to take action and reminded the council the municipal elections are nearing.

“People are going to be watching,” Long said. “Election’s around the corner for y’all. Word’s been around town that someone needs to raise that issue up come election time again and it’s pointing at all of y’all.”

The council will be making the five-year appointment at its final meeting in April.

In other business, the council adopted a new Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance, which was introduced at the last meeting. The ordinance has been available for viewing since the last meeting and at the March 16 work session, City Clerk Angela Filmore said.

The council also proclaimed April as Child Abuse Prevention Month. The proclamation was read aloud by Filmore.

The tabled motion regarding Alabama Power presenting the pros and cons of the city switching its lights to LEDs was approved to be taken off the agenda. Mayor Jayme Stayton asked for the motion to be off the agenda until a representative could present to the council. He said at the March 16 work session that a representative would not be able to come for quite sometime due to the COVID-19 or coronavirus.

The council agreed to let representatives of Survival Flight come talk to the employees of the city about purchasing a membership through payroll deductions. Survival Flight is an emergency medical helicopter transport company.

The next Daleville City Council meeting will be April 7 at 5:30 p.m. in the council chambers at City Hall. A work session is on April 6 at 5 p.m. in the conference room at City Hall and will precede the meeting. Both meetings are open to the public.

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