Enterprise State Community College basketball coach Jermaine Williams hosted 20 youth basketball players from the Wiregrass at his annual youth camp last week as he looks to continue to get children in the area more excited about basketball.

Youth campers from the area got a chance to learn from ESCC’s longtime basketball coach on the fundamentals of the game but also a chance to compete against one another at the camp.

“I think it went well and the kids learned a lot this week,” Williams said. “We worked a lot on shooting form this year and they seemed to enjoy it.

“A lot of the parents have been commenting on how they are really able to dribble and shoot a lot better in just this week of camp.”

Williams said the biggest thing for him was working on teamwork, however.

“We did a lot of drills were they had to communicate a lot,” Williams said. “That’s the biggest thing, getting them to communicate on the floor. They’ve been a really fun group to have.”

Williams also said that his annual camp is about getting area kids excited not just about basketball, but about ESCC and getting them to know one another.

“Some kids don’t even know that we have basketball here (at ESCC),” Williams said. “We want to get them excited about that and really just get the kids in the Wiregrass to know each other and get excited about the game and playing together.”

ESCC’s own men’s basketball team has also been to camp recently as the Boll Weevils travelled to Wallace-Hanceville to take part in a competition camp the prior week.

“We beat some teams that we probably shouldn’t have and lost to some teams we shouldn’t have (at the camp),” Williams said. “The biggest thing was that we really started playing together as a team, which was great to see. We have a lot of size in this group and a lot of the kids are buying in right now.

“We have multiple freshmen that are already being recruited by four-year schools, so that’s big for our kids, too.”

ESCC’s camp season isn’t over either as Williams welcomes boys and girls aged 13-16 this week for a teen youth camp on campus.

The camp goes through Thursday, July 18, with morning sessions for the girls and afternoon sessions for the boys. The girls start at 8:30 a.m. and boys start at 2 p.m. The price is $75 and includes a T-shirt and lunch each day.

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