Rent agreements for recreation center tabled

Rental agreements for the Billy Adkins Community Center were tabled once again during the Daleville City Council’s regular meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 6.

During the council’s work session on Monday, Aug. 5, Mayor Jayme Stayton presented the council with information about the current rental rates of rooms at the recreation center, though the figures could not help calculate the price per foot for each room available for rent.

Council member Scott Moore, using figures published in March 2019 by the Daleville Sun-Courier, calculated cost per foot for each room. He said the rooms range in cost from nine cents per foot to 14 cents per foot.

“Rates out in the real world would be anywhere, around here, normally is about 50 cents a foot on commercial stuff,” Moore said.

“We’re not there with any of that,” City Clerk Angelia Filmore commented.

“And we didn’t really want to be, but we’re way, way down,” Moore said.

Council member Jo Reese said “established businesses” should move to a commercial location.

“Even if we were half (of 50 cents per foot), that would be a lot more realistic,” Reese said. “The thing that keeps coming back is the incubator businesses. I want our kids to have things. I want our people to have the ability to get their feet on the ground and have a business, but I don’t think it’s right to let them basically continue when they have the ability, or even if they haven’t made the ability, that’s what business is. You don’t carry them for life.”

Moore said the council should consider “doubling” the cost per foot for rent to around 20 cents per foot, with the possibility of an increase, such as five cents per foot, in rental price in a year.

“That way, they’re still getting a very good rate, but by year four or five, they ought to be getting close to what they could get a regular building for,” Moore said. “That gives it the incubator feel.”

“That does establish what the incubator is,” Reese said.

Reese asked about rent deposits. Moore said the city should review the Landlord-Tenant Act about a deposit to rent a room at the recreation center.

The council also discussed requiring written permission from the council to make changes in the recreation center rooms, such as painting the walls or adding other elements to the room.

The council also discussed making contracts begin and end with the fiscal year.

The topic of recreation center use was first discussed during a Feb. 5 work session when Stayton said a lot of space at the recreation center was being rented by businesses. During the work session, several council members discussed rates being set at a “fair market value” for the size of the room rented, and during the Feb. 6 council meeting, asked how rental agreements occurred.

During a March 6 work session, Parks and Recreation Director Brook Beasley provided the council with information about renting the facility. She told the council that rooms range from 532 sq. ft. in size to 704 sq. ft. Rental prices for the room ranged from $60 per month to $100 per month, according to Beasley, who also said the rooms were available for rent when they were not being used by the businesses.

The next council meeting will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 20, at 5:30 p.m. at city hall.

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