The Level Plains City Council approved multiple changes to the Level Plains Police Department’s probation for new officers at its regular meeting on June 4.

The first change was resolution 307, which was passed unanimously. This change means that all officers hired will now be paid their full starting pay. Previously, officers in the department would have reduced pay for a 90-day probation period and then the officers would make their standard pay.

This took affect the day after it was passed for any officers still under the probation period.

The second change was the approved LPPD policy no. 2019-002. This increases the probation period for all new employees from 90days to 12 months. Due to the passage of resolution 307, these employees will not receive reduced wages during the probation period.

“This is going to make us competitive and get the quality of officers with experience and dedication that we need,” Level Plains Police Chief Ivan Keith Gray said.

In other business, the council approved up to $2,000 to repair the transmission in the blue Ford Crown Vic.

Level Plains Mayor Bruce Grantham asked the council for permission to scrap some of the abandoned vehicles in the impound. These vehicles did not meet the reserve bid of GovDeals and another auction site. The council approved the request unanimously.

Councilman and Bicentennial Committee Chairman James Bullinger awarded Gray, Level Plains Water Supervisor Stanley Gatlin, Level Plains City Clerk Heather Furniss, Hazel Joines and Dutchie Lee Grantham plaques commending them for their help during the bicentennial celebration and the luncheon afterwards.

The next Level Plains City Council meeting will be July 2 at 6 p.m. at Level Plains City Hall. The meeting is open to the public.

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