Music festival dates approved by council

During it’s regular meeting on Tuesday, June 4, the Daleville City Council approved dates for a two-day music festival supporting wounded warriors and the military to come to Daleville.

The music festival will be held at Culpepper Park Sept. 21-22. Mayor Jayme Stayton said the promoter of the Daleville Family Fun Fest will work with John Schneider, who portrayed Bo Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard television series, to bring musical entertainment to the city and support local wounded warrior groups with funds from the event.

“Everything is set,” Stayton said. “Everything is ready to go. We just have to tell them they can use the field.”

He said the city would also have to provide security for the event.

When asked if a layout of the event has been planned, Stayton told the council the stage would be placed on the “big parking lot” facing toward the ball fields with parking available in the back of Culpepper Park, similar to the parking arrangement for the Daleville Family Fun Fest.

Council member Alan Souders asked why the parking lot isn’t being used for parking and the stages being placed at the back of the park. Stayton replied that the power sources needed for the event are located at the parking lot, and more parking is available in the back.

After approving the dates on June 4, Stayton told the council a contract will be presented to the council at a later date.

On June 3, Stayton also stated that a previous item of business, the paving of parking areas for townhouses near Lakeview Drive and Edith Way, could not be completed with the city’s current paving projects.

This item of business was removed from the council’s agenda during its April 2 meeting.

“We just don’t think we’re going to be able to do the parking places at all,” Stayton said.

Council member Scott Moore, who first brought the idea to the council during a Feb. 4 work session, said he saw the “numbers” associated with the project and agreed with Stayton.

He asked if City Attorney Henry Steagall has looked into assessing the project and its possible costs.

Stayton said he and Steagall have only looked at the project as possible “preventative maintenance” for the road projects in the area.

Moore suggested returning to the idea of reaching out to those who live in the townhouses to see if they would be willing to pay for paving services.

“If we’ve got a cost, we could mail it out and see if anybody would pay it,” Moore said.

No action was taken on this item of business at the council meeting.

In other business, the council approved taking the steps necessary to design a municipal flag to use at events, such as League of Municipalities conferences.

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