Daleville City Schools receives a "D" on report card

The Alabama State Department of Education has released preliminary scores for schools across the state. Daleville City Schools has received a “D.”

The report card bases its “grades” on six key indicators. These indicators are academic achievement, academic growth, graduation rates, college and career readiness and chronic absenteeism. The sixth indicator, progress in English language proficiency, is applied to school systems as a whole.

For elementary schools, the grade is determined by three key indicators: academic achievement, academic growth, chronic absenteeism.

Academic achievement is 20 percent of the overall grade, academic growth is 25 percent, graduation rates are 30 percent, college and career readiness is 10 percent, absenteeism is 10 percent and 5 percent progress in English language proficiency.

Last year, DCS received a letter grade of “C.” The system scored a 51 on academic achievement, an 83 on academic growth and an 86 on graduation rates. DCS also scored a 61 on college and career readiness and a 23 on chronic absenteeism.

This year, the system received a “D.” It scored a 50 on academic achievement, a 70 on academic growth and an 84 on graduation rates. DCS also scored a 57 on college and career readiness, a 25 on chronic absenteeism and a 46 on progress in English language proficiency.

Each school in the system also received scores and grades.

Last year, Daleville High School received a “C” on the report card. DHS received a 41 for academic achievement, an 84 in academic growth, an 86 in graduation rates, a 61 in college and career readiness and a 28 for chronic absenteeism.

This year, DHS maintained its “C” score. It scored a 52 for academic achievement, an 80 in academic growth, an 84 in graduation rates, a 57 in college and career readiness and a 28 for chronic absenteeism. There was no score for English language proficiency.

Windham Elementary School held a “C” grade on the state report card last year.

WES received a 59 in academic achievement, an 82 in academic growth and a 19 for chronic absenteeism.

This year, the elementary school’s grade dropped to an “F.” WES received a 49 in academic achievement, a 62 in academic growth and a 22 for chronic absenteeism.

On Dec. 28, 2018, the day the preliminary grades were released by ALSDE, WES posted on its social media page that the school and system were working to “dissect” the grade with the state.

“We are aware of the state report card results that were released this morning,” the school stated on social media on Dec. 28, 2018. “We have been working with the state department of education for the last two weeks to dissect these results as we know that they are not indicative of our school.

“We have already formulated a plan to address this grade and show the true picture of our school. The reality is that the vast majority of our students showed growth on this one test, apparently not enough to receive credit.

“This anomaly is being addressed, and we will continue to offer a quality education at (WES). All questions or comments regarding the state report card will be addressed after the holiday break.”

Daleville City Schools Superintendent Dr. Diane Flournoy announced that parent meeting dates for each school have been set to discuss the report card results.

The first parent meeting at DHS will be held on Thursday, Jan. 10, at 5:30 p.m. The second parent meeting at WES will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 15, at 5 p.m.

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