Two metal fabrication to located in Dale County

The City of Ozark, Dale County Commission and Ozark-Dale County Economic Development Corporation announced May 2 that Motobilt Inc., and Anvil Industrial Group, LLC, will locate their headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Ozark.

“This is a great day for the city of Ozark, Dale County, Motobilt, Anvil, and the citizens of the Wiregrass,” Ozark City Mayor Bob Bunting said. “We look forward to working with them and seeing their companies grow.”

Motobilt Inc. is a leading manufacturer of custom fabrication parts for automobiles and Anvil is an industrial fabricator that provides 3D CAD design, plate processing, welding and other similar services, ODEDC Executive Director Veronica Crock said. The company will locate both Motobilt and Anvil in the Ozark Industrial Park in Dale County.

“We’re excited to get started,” said President and CEO Dan Dubose. “We’re going to change the map a little bit. I’m an ambitious person and a self-starter. I’ve always told people that once you climb that mountain, pick a new one. I’ve picked a new mountain. I think you’ll be fairly surprised with what we’ve come to town to do.”

Motobilt and Anvil plan to employ 75 people at the plant and invest $5,050,000. Local jobs will be created as the company grows and fills their new facility, formerly known as the Petrey Building.

“It is an extremely exciting day for Ozark and Dale County as we sign the agreement to locate Motobilt and Anvil in Ozark,” said Dale County Commission Chairperson Mark Blankenship. “I want to thank Veronica Crock, the Ozark-Dale County Economic Development Corporation board, the Ozark Mayor, the Ozark City Council, and the Dale County Commission for all their hard work that made this project a success. This is an example of the results you get when we all work together for one common goal of growing Ozark and Dale County. I want to thank Dan Dubose, Hunter Saniee, and the Motobilt and Anvil team for the confidence they have in the Ozark and Dale County communities. I look forward to a long-term partnership with Motobilt and Anvil.”

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