Board of Education approves budget amendment, personnel changes

The Daleville Board of Education approved several personnel changes and a budget amendment during its regular meeting on Wednesday, June 12.

The budget amendment notes provided to the board by Chief School Finance Officer Lynne McWilliams describes several funds the system has or will receive and other budget items.

Her notes state the amendment includes beginning balances that rolled over from last year and carryover funds from Title I in the amount of $5,387.62.

In her notes, McWilliams states that “carryover are funds that were not spent last year but can be spent this year. These funds were budgeted for additional classroom substitutes, instructional supplies and tutoring for DHS (Daleville High School).”

Her notes also state that the system received additional funding from the Alabama State Department of Education for the two additional teachers employed at Windham (Elementary School) at the beginning of the school year.

“Those funds and expenses are included (in the amendment),” McWilliams told the board. “Katheryne Horace applied for catastrophic special education funds in the amount of $35,000, and we will receive them once I send in an invoice for them.”

Her notes state those special education funds were budgeted for additional nursing staff for the special needs programs.

McWilliams also said in her notes that the system received “$212,809 in school improvement funds,” which she said was mostly budgeted for WES for “Classworks software, reading and math textbooks, additional required professional development, computer hardware to include iPads and iPad carts for each of our four kindergarten classes (and the library for remedial teaching), a parental involvement coordinator and 50 percent of the salary for an assistant principal for WES.”

“The other 50 percent is provided through the foundation program,” McWilliams said.

She also noted there were some changes in various funds, like preschool, foundation, transportation, nursing and local funds, to bring the budget more in line with actual expenses.

The board also approved the following personnel changes:


Katheryne Horace, director of programs, effective July 1;

Diane Flournoy, superintendent, effective July 1;


Cassidy Mulcahy, sixth-grade teacher at WES;

Billy Pruitt, bus driver;

Sabrina Lewis, English teacher at DHS;

Scott Parker, social studies teacher/head football coach/assistant football coach;

Justin Hendrix, head baseball coach/assistant football coach at DHS/ P.E. teacher at WES;


Desmond Lett, P.E. teacher at WES to head football coach/P.E. teacher at DHS;

Summer School/Credit Recovery:

Laura Howard, credit recovery (seven days);

Pam Souders, summer school facilitator (24 days); and,


WES Counselor, change contract from 192 days to 202 days.

The next board meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 17, at 4:30 p.m. at the central office.

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