Daleville walking tour

All across the state, some 30 cities and towns are opening up and welcoming not only its own citizens, but also visitors from all over for a month of walking tours in April.

This will be the first year for the city of Daleville to participate, as Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Nancy Garner attempts to further the promotion of the “City of Possibilities” and let people know more about Daleville.

“I got an email about these tours and thought it sounded like something wonderful for Daleville and the price was – free,” explained Garner. “There is no cost to anyone for these tours. It is put on by the Alabama Department of Tourism.”

The pamphlet from the state’s Tourism Department states, “Experience the culture and history of Alabama this spring with April Walking Tours…Towns across the state are offering free guided walking tours each Saturday morning in April. Each tour begins at 10 a.m. and is approximately one hour long. Community leaders will escort you through the historic districts or courthouse square areas of their hometowns, sharing their personal remembrances and some tall tales from the old days.”

Garner said the Daleville tours will begin at the chamber officer in the Cultural and Convention Center next to City Hall.

The tour schedule for the city is not set in stone yet, but could include multiple pieces of local artists’ paintings and sketches that are showcased in the CCC; the city’s historical documents, including original city council minutes in the glass display cases, also at the CCC; a photo display of some original business from the early and mid-Twentieth Century; an impressive hand-painted, colorful double-sided veterans monument located on the city complex ground; and a look at the past of the same area when it was farmland and a working livestock farm before road expansions and new construction decades ago.

An area near the current Windham Elementary School was once the center of life in Daleville during the 1800s up until the mid 1900s with a traditional town square and circle, that while it no longer exists, pictures and storytelling can cause any visitor to visualize what it was like. Stories might also include how Daleville at Muskogee Creek Indians living along its Claybank Creek banks and that those natives, like thousands of others were part of the “Trail of Tears” in the 1830s when the federal government forcibly moved all Indians west of the Mississippi. There is even an unmarked grave in the old town square area that contains the remains of an Indian woman who was murdered while housed in a log town jail during the time of the mass native relocation.

There is much to Daleville’s history and much the city now has that Garner intends to share with those who visit.

Other cities in the Wiregrass participating are: Elba, Enterprise and Troy. For a complete listing, visit alabama.travel/trails/april-walking-tours.

For more information on the Daleville tours, contact Garner at (334) 598-6331.

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