Bond denied for murder suspect Coley McCraney

Coley McCraney

A request for bond has been denied for murder suspect Coley McCraney after an almost two-hour bond hearing that included statements of cartel connections and questions about DNA before District Judge Stan Garner Jr. on Wednesday, May 29.

Garner submitted the denial to the court on Friday, May 31.

McCraney was arrested on March 16 and is charged with five counts of capital murder and rape in the 1999 deaths of J.B. Beasley and Tracie Hawlett.

During the hearing, McCraney’s son and wife, Dezmond and Jeanette, took to the stand to speak about McCraney’s character and his cooperation with police during their investigation before McCraney’s arrest on March 16.

Beasley’s father, Hilton, also took the stand to speak about his personal investigations into the 1999 deaths of his daughter and Hawlett. He told the court about alleged ties between the cartel and the Wiregrass and law enforcement.

Ozark Police Chief Marlos Walker also took the stand to speak about the use of Parabon NanoLabs Inc., in DNA testing and his personal knowledge of McCraney.

Beasley and Hawlett were 17 years old in 1999 when their bodies were found Aug. 1, 1999 in the trunk of Beasley’s abandoned vehicle on Herring Avenue in Ozark.

During a press conference on March 18, Ozark Police Department Chief Marlos Walker said he reached out to Parabon NanoLabs Inc., a company famously used in the Golden State Killer case in California. The company found McCraney’s DNA matched that found on the body of Beasley, leading to McCraney’s arrest.

McCraney’s case was bound over to a grand jury, which has not met, during a preliminary hearing before Garner on April 3.

McCraney is represented by David Harrison and Andrew Scarborough. Thirty-third Judicial Circuit District Attorney Kirke Adams and Assistant DA David Emery represented the state.

At the end of the hearing, Garner made no decision but said he would take information and testimony under advisement. He will release a written decision.

Check back next week with The Southeast Sun/Daleville Sun-Courier for the full story.

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