Daleville High School

Daleville High School Principal Josh Robertson and the leadership team are working to focus on raising ACT and WorkKeys test scores for their students. 

DHS students took part in an intensive study session on Friday, Oct. 25, to help prepare them for the ACT test.  A group of seniors who are serious about raising their test scores were busy taking a crash course on test taking strategies. 

Superintendent Dr. Lisa Stamps organized and led the study session which emphasized general test taking tips including time-management as well as specific tips on each of the four content areas of English, math, reading, and science.

 “Students are actively engaged in their learning and are taking responsibility to see growth in their ACT scores. Our high school staff wants to increase student ACT scores by putting in place practice opportunities for students to meet this important goal. Raising ACT and WorkKey test scores is a great way to better prepare students to be college and career ready as well as to increase our high school’s score on the state report card,” Stamps said.

All Daleville seniors participated in a “boot camp” for the WorkKeys test they will take in November. DHS teacher Angelia Fulford has been diligently working with seniors on improving their ACT WorkKeys scores. She discussed with students the purpose of the WorkKeys and what each level of the test means. Students took a practice test and are also using the website WorkKeys Curriculum.  

“This practice gives students an idea of what type of questions to expect in each session and some tricks to finding the correct answer.” Fulford said. “We do a few practice questions from each section together as a class and then students complete a practice placement quiz to see where their strengths and weaknesses are. Then, students use this information to figure out which lessons they need to go back to for more practice.”

“We have set aside one day per week for the last four weeks to focus on WorkKeys.  However, this week we will be doing a mini WorkKeys ‘boot camp’ where we will be concentrating on a different lesson each day,” Fulford said.

 “The faculty and staff are implementing new programs and introducing new testing techniques in order for our students to be better prepared for standardized testing that takes place throughout the year.  We are excited to see the results that come from the hard work of our students,” Robertson said.

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