Daleville council rejects concession stand bids

A Culpepper Park concession stand project has momentarily stalled after the Daleville City Council received bids that exceeded the project budget.

During its regular meeting on Wednesday, May 8, the Daleville City Council unanimously voted to reject bids for a concession stand project at Culpepper Park.

The city received one bid for $296,590.55, which was opened on May 8, for the project.

Council member Scott Moore said during the May 8 meeting that he has spoken to a builder about the project.

“He said one of the biggest expenses that we have in here is the decorative, split-face block,” he said. “That is an extremely expensive item.”

Moore said this builder suggested looking at an alternative siding for the building.

Stayton said he invited the architect who provided the plans for the project to attend a future work session to speak about what more the city could do themselves or what changes could be made to the design to reduce the cost of the project.

During the council’s May 20 work session, he said the architect is expected to speak to the council at its next work session.

“They’re still working on it, trying to change some stuff to get it where we need it at (budget-wise),” he said, stating the engineer is looking at costs and keeping the project a two-story building.

Stayton said the engineer has mentioned to him that more in-house work by the city could be one suggestion to reduce costs, and the city may need to consider other alternative outside materials like shingles for the roof.

“The more we can do ourselves, the more we can get the (cost per square foot) down,” he said, though he is also making sure the architect’s suggestions would be feasible for the city to complete.

The council tabled this item of business during its May 21 council meeting.

The city has been discussing a two-story concession stand project since 2016, when the council was first given a price of $429,283 for the project.

Discussions started again in October 2018, after Stayton presented the council with a single-story concession stand design. Council members also asked if a design for a two-story concession stand and quotes for both designs could be given to the council.

The council tabled this item of business in October and November 2018. In December 2018, Civil Southeast Engineering Group then visited the council to show some building features available and cost estimates for building both a one-story, estimated to be around $350,000, and a two-story concession stand, estimated to be around $450,000.

Stayton then suggested that the city could cut costs by doing some of the project itself.

In a December 2018 meeting, the council voted to authorize Stayton to start the process to have plans drawn for a new, two-story concession building.

During a Jan. 14 work session, Stayton presented preliminary plans for a new, two-story concession stand to the council, who discussed the aesthetic look of the building, its position to look at fields, the placement of stairs and more. The council voted to create specifications for the project and receive bids on the new, two-story design on Jan. 15.

On April 15, Stayton presented the final plans to the council that included stairs inside the building, a smaller office, windows “on both sides” to “see all ball fields from anywhere in the building” and more.

The city council has budgeted $150,000 for the project.

In other business, the council unanimously approved appointing Council member Jo Reese to the city water board to complete the term of Bob Slagle. Reese’s term is set to end in 2022.

The council also unanimously approved appointing Jimmy Monk to complete a one-year term on the Daleville Rescue Board.

The next council meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 4, at 5: 30 p.m. at City Hall.

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