Dog owners reminded of city ordinances

Mayor Jayme Stayton is reminding Daleville citizens of of city ordinances regarding dogs after receiving a number of complaints.

“I’ve had several complaints about dogs attacking other dogs, trying to attack people, dogs running wild in neighborhoods and dogs disturbing the peace,” he said. “You’ve got to do something about it; that’s part of the ordinances.”

The city currently has several ordinances related to the dogs, including their confinement and the use of leashes.

One ordinance focuses on the confinement of dogs on private premises. It states that dogs must be “confined within a fence, wall or other enclosure in such a manner as to effectively prevent the escape of such dog” or “restrained by a leash, cord or chain of not less than 10 feet in length and secured to a collar with swivel connections… provided, however, that the length of the leash, cord or chain shall be reduced to such length as to prevent the dog, when so secured, from entering premises other than that of the owner.”

Noncompliance to this ordinance can result in a misdemeanor charge.

A second ordinance requires, much like the ordinance on confinement, that dogs be on a leash on public property.

“It shall be unlawful and punishable as a misdemeanor for any person… to cause, allow or permit such dog to run or be at large upon any street, alley, thoroughfare, sidewalk or public place in the police jurisdiction of the city unless such dog is attached to a lease, cord or chain of not more than six feet in length and secured to a collar, with swivel connections, in such manner as to effectively prevent the escape of the dog and with the leash, cord or chain being in the hands of the owner or other person in charge of such dog.”

An additional ordinance focuses on continued barking or howling of dogs.

“It shall be unlawful for the owner of any dog to suffer or permit on his lot or premises the loud and frequent or continued barking, howling and yelping of said dog, so as to annoy or disturb the neighbors,” the ordinance reads.

“I understand you can’t stop every dog from barking, but there are some situations where I believe you could,” Stayton said, stating that barking can disturb the peace for those who work nights or irregular shifts.

He said the city currently does not have a designated dog catcher to address these problems. Instead, the city police are addressing any complaints, but if complaints across the city continue, he said the city “may revisit bringing back a dog catcher” or assign the position to a current officer with the Daleville Department of Public Safety.

“If you own a dog, you have to keep the dog on a leash. You have to do what the ordinance says because we’re just having too many problems,” he said. “If you have a chain, keep it on a chain, but make sure it’s got food and water because it’s really hot outside, (also offer) shelter.”

These ordinances, Stayton said, apply to dogs of all breeds and sizes.

“People seem to overlook small dogs and say they’re not a threat, but those ordinances apply to all dogs and all people,” he said.

Stayton said there will be more action to enforce the city’s ordinances, especially those about dogs.

“The last thing we want is for someone to be bitten or a child to be bitten by someone’s dog,” he said. “Ordinances are put in place for a reason, and everyone has to follow them.”

The City of Daleville’s ordinances on dogs, and all other ordinances, are available on the city’s website or at City Hall.

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