Daleville High School band students have been busy this semester with Music Performance Assessments and concerts.

On Wednesday, March 14, the DHS concert band, which consists of 90 students, performed during the MPAs at Enterprise High School. Bands from across Alabama came to EHS from March 13-15 to take part in the assessments.

According to DHS Band Director Mark Nichols, music is graded at certain levels. He said the DHS concert band is playing music "well above" its level.

"We're very proud of our students," he said. "You're required to play a certain level depending on your school size, and our students have for many years been playing well above the required level."

He said the band is performing music three levels above its required level. DHS bands currently sit at a CC level, and they performed music placed at an A level.

The students performed "Hands Across the Sea" by John Philip Sousa, "Ammerland by Jacob de Haan and "A Longford Legend" by Robert Sheldon.

The DHS concert band received all Superiors from judges.

Following the MPAs, 26 DHS band students performed with the District Honor Band on March 16-17.

These students were Sierra Collins, Alex Peters, Helena Deras, Grace Smith, Esmerelda Hernandez, Ariel Smith, Katie Harry, Austin Horne, Joye Anderson, Leah Steward, Noemi Borja, Brayton Moore, Gabrielle Scott, Kylie Jones, Immanuella Montalvo, Andrea Cruz Morales, Daniel Acedilla, Acacia Abbott, Paige Henderson, Erik Steward, Mason Jacobs, Rodney Hunter, Anthony Nash, Graysen Faulk, Jamie Peters and Alyssa Aquino.

These students tried out for District Honor Band in January. They played scales, two prepared pieces of music and a piece the students were required to sight read.

Nine DHS students will take part in the All-State Band Festival in Huntington on April 18-21 based on these tryouts.

"We're extremely proud of their individual accomplishments," Nichols said.

The seventh and eighth graders of the Middle School Honor Band performed the songs "Festive Jubilee" by Calvin Custer, "Zombie Tango" by James Meredith, "Ghosts of the Lost Ship" by Tyler S. Grant, "Aliens Landing (in your backyard)" by John Prescott, Highlights from 'The Sound of Music'" arranged by Johnnie Vinson, "Rhythms and Riffs" by Brian Balmages and "Genius March" by Harold Bennet with the Middle School Honor Band.

Guest conductor Valerie Morgan led the Middle School Honor Band in their performance.

High school students performed "Ignition" by Todd Salter, "Make Our Garden Grow" by Leonard Bermstein, "Cotton-Eyed Joe" arranged by Chris Sharp, "America the Beautiful" arranged by Carmen Dragon and "Circus Bee" by Henry Fillmore.

The High School Honor Band was led by guest conductor Jody Dunn.

Nichols said he was proud of his band students, especially the younger performers.

"The music we played was written for high schoolers, and our concert band is made of 8-12th grade (students), so I'm really proud of our younger musicians," Nichols said.

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