Date set for emergency alert webinar

“A small price for a big advantage and a more reliable way to notify people of severe weather.”

That is Dale County Emergency Management Agency Director Kurt McDaniel’s assessment of an enhanced method of disseminating emergency weather alerts to the citizens of Dale County.

Wednesday, May 3, is the date set for an emergency weather alert notification webinar that will be held at the Dale County Government Building in Ozark and all those interested in attending are invited.

The weather sirens in Dale County are generally in a state of disrepair and many of them are so old that replacement parts are not available, McDaniel told the commission.

McDaniel said the estimated cost just to get power back to the sirens in order to test them is about $1,500 per siren. The city of Ozark is currently paying for the maintenance of the sirens within their city limits. Daleville has indicated that they will assume responsibility for the maintenance of the sirens within their city limits.

The weather siren in Pinckard is working but not rotating, McDaniel said. The weather sirens in Midland City and Newton are not receiving signals.

Houston and Henry Counties use an emergency alert notification system called Code Red, McDaniel said. At a cost of nearly $1 per citizen, using Code Red would amount to nearly $50,000 annually for Dale County.

McDaniel said his research on the matter has led him to an emergency notification system called Rave Alert and he has set an information webinar May 3 that will be available for all municipalities within the county. The webinar will be held at the Dale County Government Building at 10:30 a.m. and will be archived for those who are unable to attend.

In other business the commission approved the hiring of Brandon Moncrief as a certified correctional officer at the Dale County Jail for $10.49 an hour, Kendra McKinney as a sheriff’s department certified deputy for $12.50 an hour, Linda Miller as a commission officer personnel clerk at $15 an hour, Tracey Pfenning as a maintenance department custodian at $8.60 an hour and Brytney Coleman as a maintenance department custodian at $8.60 an hour.

The next meeting of the Dale County Commission is Tuesday, April 25, at the Dale County Government Building in Ozark. The work session is at 10 a.m. and is followed immediately by a voting session.

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