The Alabama High School Athletic Association met with its Fall Sports and Football Coaches’ Committees on Tuesday, July 7, to discuss the upcoming fall sports season.

According to a news release, the AHSAA and its committees heard updates from the AHSAA Medical Advisory Board and the Alabama State Department of Education. AHSAA Medical Advisory Board Chairman Dr. James Robinson and Dr. Jeffery Douglas updated the committees on the most recent COVID-19 data as well as best practices relating to high school sports moving forward.

The AHSAA plans to present recommendations for the fall sports season to the Central Board of Control for review and approval at the board’s next scheduled meeting on July 22.

“We are grateful to Dr. (Eric) Mackey and Mr. (Terry) Roller of the ALSDE, and Dr. Robinson and Dr. (Jeffrey) Dugas of our Medical Advisory Committee for taking the time to join our committee meeting,” AHSAA Executive Director Steve Savarese said. “And we appreciate the discussion and input we received from our committee members. Our world would be in better shape concerning the recent increase in COVID cases if everyone followed the health and safety examples our coaches and administrators provide and practice daily.”

The recommendations that the AHSAA plans to recommend are all COVID-19 related. Among those recommendations is an adjustment to the team sideline box that players and coaches have to stand inside during games. The box currently goes from the 25-yard line to the opposite 25-yard line and this new adjustment would expand it to stretch from the 10-yard line to opposite 10-yard line.

Sideline conferences between officials would also be moved to beyond the numbers of the field and also an extension during timeouts will be proposed to allow for more time to clean equipment and football on the field.

Fall camp for football and volleyball is currently scheduled to begin on July 27.

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