Taylor Vice

Spectrum representative Taylor Vice outlines details of the cable system transition that occurred in Enterprise Sept. 19 for those attending the Enterprise City Council meeting Oct. 3.

Spectrum Customer Care can be reached at 1-800-892-4357.

To address “some hiccups along the way” is why Taylor Vice said he came to Enterprise to talk with those attending the Enterprise City Council meeting Oct. 3.

Vice, Spectrum’s Director of Government Affairs, was asked by the council to address a myriad of citizen complaints about the transition of cable service in the city to an all-digital format that occurred Sept. 19.

Vice said that Charter Communications, the parent company of Spectrum, completed an acquisition of Time Warner Cable—which provided cable service in Enterprise—in May 2016.

“What Charter made a top priority (after the acquisition was completed) was upgrading these systems to increase capacity of the network, increase channel capacity and increase broad band capacity of a system that had, frankly, been ignored for some time,” Vice said. “The Time Warner system was still an analog system and needed to be upgraded to meet our standards that we have across the state.”

Vice said that Enterprise was the last of 180 communities in which the digital transition had occurred across Alabama and that seven methods of informing customers about the changeover had been disseminated since August.

More than 100 extra HD channels have been added to the network and Internet speed has increased from 30 megabits per second to 100 megabits per second, Vice said. “That’s huge. That’s significantly higher than the standards across the country,” he said.

“I understand that we had some hiccups along the way, that’s why I’m here,” Vice said. “ I realize that and wanted to make sure that the constituents of yours were taken care of and that they will continue to have good service from Charter.”

Citizen concerns that arose during the digital conversion included long lines at the cable office, new modems that didn’t work, unclear installation instructions and call center operators who were unaware of the conversion. Council members, in turn, and the mayor asked Vice specific questions about those issues.

Vice said hours on Saturday had been extended to accommodate more customers and another customer-service booth was added at the Enterprise facility during the transition.

About channels not being in the same order or missing, Vice said that when Spectrum bought Time Warne,r channel mapping within the system did not map correctly. The issue was resolved by the end of Sept. 20, he said.

Reports of call centers unaware of the situation in Enterprise have been resolved, Vice said. “Everyone in this area has a note on their account that says that they are in the middle of a digital transition.”

Vice said the installation process was “amped up” during the transition with more technicians to help with installs and regional executives training workers to handle potential issues. “I understand that it seems like the local employees were put in a tight spot,” Vice said. “That is no ones fault but our own.”

Vice repeated the Spectrum Customer Care toll-free phone number—800-892-4357—and asked those with concerns to call that number.

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