Daleville to become part of magazine

In hopes of bolstering Daleville’s presence, locally and abroad,  an advertising proposal previously presented to the city council by the local Chamber of Commerce was approved at the Jan. 3 meeting.

Council members voted to take part in a published glossy magazine highlighting the city. The magazine has been used by the Ozark Area Chamber of Commerce to promote that city for several years, said Sandy Semerad, acquisitions and project manager for Town Square, the publisher of the magazine. She said adding Daleville to the cover and the interior editorial pages  will be a great marketing asset for the city and chamber, as well as for the entire county.

Semerad said 10,000 copies of the magazine will be printed and equally shared with Daleville. The magazines will be distributed to incoming military, prospective residents of the area, visitor’s centers at state lines and wherever else the cities and chambers feel it will benefit the area economically. Also, Semerad said, the company’s portal “gets over 350,000 hits per month” adding to the exposure Daleville will now receive.

The magazine “will be updated to include all of the latest information about our area’s business and industry, healthcare, residential living, history, attractions, lodging, shopping, dining, arts and entertainment. With convergence publishing…sales message(s) reaches a world of prospective customers through… the internet, where the entire publication will be converted into a community…featuring our new view e-book…Town Square’s Community Network,” states a promotional piece from the publisher.

The upcoming edition, which will be used for four consecutive years, is expected to be in print by or before summer, said Semerad, adding that Daleville City Schools may also participate. Ozark schools and Dale County schools are already participants. She also said the e-book form will be available for free download on most computer desktops and wireless devices.

Rosmarie Williamson, executive director of the Ozark chamber, said the publication, both in the traditional magazine style and in the web-version, is a tool of great importance to the entire county and that is why she extended invitations to other cities in the county to participate. She said Daleville and Ozark, however, are the only cities with chambers of commerce and she is thrilled Daleville will become a featured-partner in the publication. Cooperation among the two cites and other Dale County towns can only work to prosper all involved, she said.

Daleville Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Nancy Garner said, “This is an amazing opportunity for the city and chamber to work together in a positive direction. This publication will give Daleville widespread exposure that it has not previously had….Once we have it in hand, we will be putting out more information to include where to pick one up, the website, etc.  It is exciting to be working with the City in such a positive manner and the chamber looks forward to many more joint ventures with the city.” 

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