Two long-time retail stores, including one national retailer, have closed or are in the process of closing.

For some 20 years, the Dale County Rescue Mission’s Daleville Bargain Store has served the community of more than 5,000 people and its surrounding area, but declining sales has led to the business shutting its doors Dec. 31, 2016, said the Rev. Thomas Nixon, president of the mission board of directors.

 “Two employees will be transferred to our Ozark Bargain Store. We continue to have bargain stores in Ozark and in Ariton,” said Nixon, adding that “not only (did we have) our store (in Daleville), but also ministered to people who came to us for assistance.”

When asked if the store might possibly return to Daleville, Nixon offered little hope. “It is with sadness that we are closing our store. Whether or not we will open again remains to be seen, but not in the near future,” he said.

The other store closing is the Family Dollar Store, located on South Daleville Avenue, next to Grocery Outlet.

Family Dollar, owned by the Dollar Tree Corporation, now displays a large yellow and black banner across the front of the store stating, “Store Closing.”

It is apparently one of hundreds based on information from websites like, which also states that it was during 2015 that Family Dollar Stores were acquired by Dollar Tree, Inc.

Randy Guiler, Dollar Tree’s vice-president of Investor Relations said, “We opted not to renew our lease of this location,” in an email to the Sun-Courier. “A number of considerations are taken into account when determining whether to renew or extend leases, relocate stores or close stores. I cannot provide further details.”

Family Dollar has sold or closed hundreds of stores in the last two years and some were re-branded as Dollar Express stores. There is no indication that a re-branding or re-opening of such will occur in Daleville. Attempts to obtain comments from local store management were unsuccessful.

Guiler said the Daleville store will be closed by the end of January.

Mayor Jayme Stayton who campaigned on bringing new jobs to his small town that relies heavily on Fort Rucker’s workforce and military families, said, “As Mayor, I hate to see any business close in our community. Our local businesses are the lifeline of the city. We should attempt to shop locally, when possible, in support of these businesses.

“The goal is to keep the businesses we have, as well as bring in new businesses. I have been reaching out with local business to see how the city can better meet their needs, or what concerns they have about operating in the city of Daleville, as well as, reaching out to businesses and corporations to come and do business here…Our sales tax revenue has been on an upward trend; however, any loss of sales tax revenue is not what we would want to see. I will continue to work to bring business here; the benefit will not only be sales tax revenue, but more options for local residents and neighbors to visit and shop in Daleville…I’m sure the loss of both of these businesses will be missed not only in revenue, but for the citizens that patronize them. I believe when one door closes, perhaps another will open.”


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